Monday, September 28, 2015

Making The Ultrasuede Fringe Bag

Finished product, Ultrasuede fringe bag. McCall's 7264
I was tasked with making this super cute little bag because it's a great example of an ultrasuede accessory, which was my focus for the American Sewing Expo. The presentation was fun and I met a lot of really wonderful, fun people despite the troubles I had with this pattern. I should have known that it would be problematic when M, another talented coworker, had trouble with it as did S (you'd never know from their finished products).
S's great version.

Normally, I would have attributed the trouble to my brain. It's easy to blame oneself for misunderstanding and begin doubting. This time though, I was confident it wasn't my brain since I'd just created a fairly complicated jacket with the help of excellent instructions.

One of the interesting aspects of sewing this was the flap. It's actually a few pieces fused together and topstitched. The instructions are so unclear about this point. There are pretty easy ways to convey that three pieces get fused together. I spent almost an hour trying to figure out what this hot mess meant. They could have just said "resulting in the three pieces fused together".  I'm still having trouble understanding step 34, I had to go my own way.  But what if you're new to sewing? You don't have any experience to draw on and it's a bummer.

The most confusing instructions ever.

I don't understand what this is and I don't get why.
I met some McCall's staffers at the American Sewing Expo and they were just the nicest bunch of people.  I told them all about the trouble the three of us had with the pattern and I really felt like they heard me and are working to improve. They could have been jerks about it but they weren't and I appreciate that. Because of them, I'm going to forge ahead with the McCall Pattern Company and do the Pea Coat Sew Along.  I'll spending the evening reading pattern instructions and contemplating fabrics.

P.S. I got the instructions for the coat out and guess what, no page one and two.  I got page three and four twice. UGH!

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