Sunday, June 01, 2014

I Think I'll Start Sewing Again

It's been a long, long, long break from sewing and blogging about sewing.  I think I'm ready to "get my sew on" and make some things.  I had one huge sewing project from October through December of 2013.  I made my niece's wedding gown and it was hard but really interesting and actually quite fun.  I got to see my niece so many times for the fittings and we'd talk and talk.  The whole experience was wonderful and I'd do it all over again.  It may even make it onto the blog because during the process I took many notes and many pictures.

I've started working at our local indy fabric store which gives me occasion to peruse all the fabric and boy are there some nice pieces. Not as though I need fabric, but sometimes the pull is too great.  Yesterday, I happened upon a bargain fabric that is a beautiful metallic lace with the eyelashes. I had planned to make this jacket without the pockets in lace but I'm not sure if I want it to be metallic, so I have more lace to think about.

I'll be teaching a beginner class this summer and we're going to make the maxi-dress M6559.  I've been looking for the pattern in my stash, I know I have it, I've made it six times, but I can't find it, now I think I may have discarded it in a fit of pique (I get on a cleaning binge and out it goes, I've thrown away some things that I shouldn't have that were harder to replace than a pattern, oops.)  So that is the very next thing on the table and after that, my new Style Arc patterns (that I received two days ago!!!!) are on the table.


Catherine p said...

Melody I'm thrilled to see you back on the blogging scene. Good uck wih the class.

Towanda said...

Welcome back

Anonymous said...
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Melody said...

Hi All, I can't shake being a bad blogger.
Thanks for the encouragement. And I'm really enjoying my re-immersion into the sewing scene.