Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fashion Week Is Filled With MC Jackets

Trends for fall that I've noticed.  Peplums, Motorcycle jackets, oversized outerwear, ruffles and prints in unexpected places.  I especially like the peplum and motorcycle jacket.  I was thinking about combining the two and then I saw the Nicole Miller runway show and there was a peplumed motorcycle jacket.

The last time I made a motorcycle jacket was many years ago and I made it from some sheer iridescent poly called "crystalette".  It was super cute, rather Barbie-esque  but I thought it looked good.  Now that I'm a "grown folk", I'm thinking a jacket built to match my personality and lifestyle is a great idea for fall.  I'm trying to decide between styles of motorcycle jacket.

Either way, I want to build one in dark metallic linen and one in wool so I don't really need to choose.  

Anyway, it appears that motorcycle jackets are the thing this year.  I love a good MC jacket.  I spent an entire decade in one.  I've missed both the jacket and the attitude.  I'm looking forward to a new jacket and attitude.  


Michelle said...

I was also thinking of doing an MC jacket this fall! I've seen a few in "unexpected" fabrics that I've really liked and was thinking of doing mine in a tweed.

Of course, it's been way too hot and muggy here to think about sewing any sort of jacket lately.

Michelle said...
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Melody said...

I know, it's too hot for me to get into it yet, but it's never too hot to plan. I should make a leather one too but I don't think I have enough of any single color of leather.

studiofaro said...

My favourite is always the perfecto jacket.
This is where the trend was first born and worn by Marlon Brando in 'The Wild One", a wonderful black and white movie of the 1950's.
Would love to add a pic if possible? Thx Anita