Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vogue 8581 & Stuff

I actually did make one thing before I gave up on sewing for the time being.  I made this:

Vogue 8581
It's comfy and it's pretty cute looking, I can't help but feel a little like a pumpkin.  It was a super easy pattern to make.  Yes, there were multiple gathers but that wasn't any big deal, just fiddle-y.  I ended up stitching the neckband down by hand and then stitching in the ditch from the front side.  I also wasn't going to worry about those sleeve gathers so I used good ole trusty elastic and I used more elastic on the hem. (Whatevs with any pattern drama, ain't nobody got time for no pattern drama!)  I think it's okay but maybe not the best look for my rounded self.  I don't know, I really like wearing it, because it's super comfortable.  It fits a little better than it did when I first made it a couple of weeks ago, I may have lost a little fat. I'll probably make more for myself but maybe later.

I went to the JoAnn's Daffodil Dash sale today and I got a few patterns.  I bought the McCall's Laura Ashley peasant top (which in retrospect, probably wasn't the smartest thing to do)

A sexy dress for my future body (what? I limited myself to just ONE fantasy item) and what's with the stripper poses on the newer Vogue patterns?
and the Nancy Zieman cardigan.
I figure, that will be a good piece to have for the Pattern Review weekend, plus that's the only one that has any possibility of looking good on me.

On the diet and exercise tip; things are going well.  I'm having a fine time following the Primal Blueprint except that I think I eat too much and I've been doing Crossfit every other day since March 23rd (my first visit was the 21st but I couldn't make it past the rowing {the first thing!!}). I've purchased a jump rope for my sprint style activity on the off days and I'm sore all over.  It couldn't be better! I actually like that crazy intense workout program.  Yesterday was grueling but still fun, I didn't think I could finish and everyone was yelling encouragement and I actually did it.  Every time I arrive I'm kinda scared and nervous, by the time I leave, I feel like a pile of hurt but also really energized and rather proud of myself.  It may take a while but I plan on being here a while so I might as well go for it.


Amy Bailes said...

I joined My Fitness Pal to help with getting rid of extra weight and just started exercising last week. I was so sore, but now, it's a good sore. It's amazing how much better I feel! Really am hoping that I can keep up with it this time. Good luck to you! Will be watching for a smaller Melody!

Sassy T said...

Aw don't stop sewing, keep on. you look great by the way and my first thought was had you lost weight. What you could do is make something every five pounds lost as a little treat, and use that as little landmarks to keep you going.

Melody said...

Yay Amy!! We'll both keep up with it. We can do it!!

Melody said...

Hey Sassy T, I'm such a slow sewer that nothing would fit by the time I finish and that's the best case scenario. I am going to make a few things though, I have no pants and I do need that cardigan, so eventually I'll make it back to the sewing room.

Sassy T said...

Good. Am trying to diet but thought if I get into sewing pretty things it may cheer me up and give me an incentive. Watch this space lol