Monday, April 30, 2012

It's My Prerogative

I changed my mind.  I am sewing something.  I need some things to wear to the PR weekend and I'm hoping to make the Simplicity tour so I want to make something from Simplicity.

Dress and Jacket or Vest Cynthia Rowley pattern 2443 Simplicity

This outfit has been in the back of my mind since this pattern was released.  I really like it. It's just what I need for a day of shopping.  Since I'm frequently hot and cold, a linen jacket is the perfect thing for me.  I started the jacket muslin on Saturday.  I didn't have to make a huge adjustment (at least I don't think so, at this stage of the game), so far I've sliced the jacket front vertically in two areas, under the arm at the side seam and near the center front.  I'm adding in the necessary width and mirroring it on the bottom front band.  I really like the sleeve on this jacket, it's very straightforward. I'm probably going to omit all the front closure froufrou.  That's a bit much for me, anyway, I've got enough going on in that area without adding a bunch of fluff.

I'm using the navy linen from Fashionista Fabrics for the jacket and the ponte for the dress.
I was looking at the reviews on PR for this pattern and on reviewer made the dress with this same fabric.  Hers is adorable and I can only hope mine will be this flattering.  I wonder if anyone has made the jacket with the same fabric??? I like the idea of changing the jacket closure to a zipper.  That may be a better option for me.  

I'm off to the sewing room, since I've disavowed cleaning, cooking and the gym for today (knee issue).  How much can I do before the hubs comes home or before some other weird interruption????


alethia said...

I love the tittle of your post, and yes that is why we sew, so that we can change our mind regarding what we are going to sew anytime we feel like it!

Sassy T said...

Welcome back. Am just gearing up to my sewing mojo. Am a slow sewer and if you check out my blog you see my mouth gets more action than my sewing machine. lol. I don't whip things up in a couple of hours, I like to pace myself each day haha. I enjoy it more.