Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Simplicity For Summer

Just as I've completely given up sewing for myself, Simplicity releases their new patterns for summer.  Alright fine, but just know this, I WANT!  I wasn't even going to go look but oh my am I glad I did.  There are some seriously cute dresses and you know I love me some cute dresses.  Now I'm even more inspired to do well at the gym, sistah wants to wear those dresses this summer (or some summer)!

My absolute favorite is 1802 by Cynthia Rowley and my second fav is also from Miss Cyn.  Every time I see her on tv, I could swear she's been smoking the kind buds, but clearly it's working for her.  I can't be any more pleased.  These are such interesting and feminine dresses with wonderful lines and an easy wearability. I can see a variety of body types in 1801, I imagine myself wearing it out shopping or for date night or on a day when I'm working in the office.

Simplicity 1798
Simplicity 1799
Simplicity 1803
I'm also a fan of the Project Runway patterns offered  by Simplicity.  I love the whole "add this, remove that, put buttons here, add a zipper" customization. I notice that as I am more concerned with other life issues, I'm a little less creative and those PR patterns force me to think about what I actually want my garment to look like.  

So there you have it, my summer dress picks from Simplicity.  Yay Simplicity! Good Job!


wendy said...

Ooooh. 1802 is my new favorite also. it has similar lines to my favorite Tahari dress, and I've been looking to a sleeveless dress pattern with that type of bodice seaming for a while!

Now what are the odds that Joann's would have these out this weekend? I am thinking maybe a bit low & I should purchase online... :(

Melody said...

I figured I'd have to wait awhile anyway, but there's a sale at Vogue.com right now.

Linda said...

I have a post it note on my computer stating "No more pattern buying for three months". And then I see your post of these patterns. There are one too many that I really, really want. You are such an enabler!!

Melody said...

Linda, I can't help it. Let's blame it on Cynthia Rowley!