Sunday, January 08, 2012

Rag Dolls and Menswear

Well, I still haven't gotten my twin made.  We were all ready to do it over Christmas but we couldn't find the DVD and no one wanted to commit to the project without the DVD (me=scared, mick=freaked out). I ordered a new one and we'll be watching it soon and the wrapping begins.

I completed the muslin that I was to give to Mick for Christmas.  He tried it on, it was too small so we know to go up a size.  Louie tried it and it was pretty darn close.  After thinking about it, he needs a new coat and I wanted something to sew.  I just cut the fashion fabric out yesterday.  He wants it super warm so I'll underline with flannel or maybe thinsulate (???).  I love working with wool, it's so malleable.  I'm very pleased, at least I'm actually involved in a good project.

Nope I really haven't been sewing.  I've been working on FashFab and doing this Primal Blueprint thing.  When I wasn't doing that, I was fixing my broken house.  Sadly, the only thing I can say I've actually made was a pair of pajama pants for Mick and three rag dolls.  Of course, I've made rag doll clothes (just a Christmas outfit, I mean if you're gonna go there, you might as well make the whole trip!).  I'm normally not a doll making person, in fact, I used to deride doll makers but no longer. Not because I've fallen in love with dolls or doll making though.  It is actually a fun process which is why they ended up with Christmas outfits.  See, I have a little neighbor who is 8 and likes to hang out with me.  I'm teaching her how to sew. Julie came over one day to show me her latest medium (she's an amazing artist) and it was those little tiny, tiny Edith Flack Ackley dolls.  Pippa (my little neighbor) saw the dolls and Julie encouraged her to draw on it and try to make one herself. As a person who wants nothing more than to see every household in America take their sewing machines out of the closet and stitch up some clothes, I was thrilled.  Of course I would help, trouble was, I didn't know how to make one so she and I worked through it together.  It was super fun.  Pippa loves using my Featherweight, it's the perfect machine for a little kid, I wish I'd had one of those when I was her age, she's really good at using it too.  She made a little doll that looks like her and I made a big doll that looked like me.  She named her doll Mrs. (latest celebrity boy crush) so I named mine Mrs. (latest non-celebrity husband crush) Mick.  Well, of course it just spiraled out of control from there. If there were a Mrs. Mick doll shouldn't there be a Mr. Mick? I was working on them on vacation with Louie so we thought it would be fun to include the "Louie" in the mix.  It was so ridiculous! Here we are three middle aged people playing with rag dolls at the beach house. But if you hung out with us, you know that we are goofy to our core. I have a Star Trek phone cover & I love the BeeGees/Peter Frampton travesty called "Sgt. Pepper's LonelyHearts Club Band". (dammit, that should have been our christmas movie!)

Anyway, Louie kept calling his doll the serial killer. Because the hair wasn't right at all,  it didn't have a face or clothes yet and yeah, it's creepy--especially when we've attached an identity to it.  I wanted to surprise Louie at Christmas with his doll all dressed up like a Christmas elf.  Then I thought "well, if he's gonna be a Christmas elf, then Mr. Mick should be Santa and Mrs. Mick, the Holiday fashion girl".  I really hadn't planned to go that far but by the time I was hand stitching a teeny tiny set-in sleeve, I knew all hope was lost and I might as well surrender fully. I finished on Christmas Eve night and here they are.

Mrs. Mick, Mr. Mick, Mr. Louie

Libby looks a lot like the grinch, no?

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