Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Menswear Coat Continues

Well of course it does, one doesn't make a coat in a couple of hours.  Especially me, I'm slow and deliberate and I analyze everything way too much.  Here's the stack of books I'm using to help me on my way.
Already, I've done some things (or not done some things) wrong.  I'm glad I have all the books and each time I go through the different ones, I find cool things to do, like this pocket.
  My one word of advice is to staystitch your pieces immediately.  I didn't and I have stretching.  It's minimal and I can mitigate it but it's an extra step in a long process that didn't need any extra steps.  

I'm also taking a handbag class online here.  I've actually been watching all the videos and I think I could skip to intermediate but because there are some core concepts that I don't have a good handle on, the beginner class is my best bet.  I got some home dec fabric to make a cute tote, hopefully to bring with me to the PR weekend this spring.  I know I'll need a bag to tote all of my junk that I'm going to need back to the apartment.  I also have some great leather pieces that I want to use with the fabric.  I'll have to start working on my design.  

Speaking of design, has anyone used sketchup for that kind of thing?  I started playing with it yesterday, that's a good way to design a bag, I think.  I'll know more once I get better at it.  Louie told me about it and we were messing with it over the holidays.  He's doing the specs for Hamish's dog house.  Poor dog hates coming in but can't stay out all winter long, like now, it's raining pretty significantly and all he wants to do is go outside and sit in it.

Being that it is raining and I don't have to take dogs on any treks this afternoon, I can hopefully get a lot done on the coat.  I expect to at least have it all interfaced and taped.  I'm not sure about all the hand stitching, this coat doesn't have a lapel so I needn't worry about all that padstitching.  I'm waiting on the lining fabric until I have it basically assembled and can see how much the whole thing weighs, if it feels oppressively heavy, I won't use Kasha lining but he did say he wanted it to be warm and warm is what he'll get.  Wish me luck, I want to make this coat and get on to sewing my SWAP.

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Pam from South Australia said...

Can't wait to see the end result. Sounds like lots of prep! Haven't made a coat yet, but I want to.