Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sewing Break, Meaning Not Sewing

Oh woe is me, I didn't finish my dress in time for the deadline over at the Summer Dress Sew-a-long. I had planned to make like 3 or 4 dresses in that space of time and I couldn't even finish one. Well partly that's because I had a million things going on that needed and still need tending to and partly because I thought I'd spend all day Friday sewing but I ended up in the hospital for most of Friday. I'm okay now and from what the nurse told us, everyone who has any kind of respiratory issue was in the hospital this last week. Too much of something in the air I suppose. I was home by Saturday but I was too tired to sew and lucky me, a few friends stopped by to check on me. I love my girls ♥!

But anyway in the meantime, I still have my plans for world dress domination. I mean really, I have to, I've been on a shoe spree so I need something to go with all those shoes. Here's the look that I want to rock this summer The shoes match the purse handle really nicely.

So when I finally finish the world's most fabulous shirtdress to wear with my really cool other new shoes, I will make one more DKNY dress to kick around in all summer.
So cute, right? I absolutely love it, it's simple and classic. And, yes, I already have the shoes to go with it perfectly.

Just so you know, I actually have done some sewing. I made Vogue 1250

Truth be told, I think I have some fit issues that need to be dealt with. Am I going to deal with them? No. I'll just pretend like everything is fine and rock the shoes, regardless. Besides the dress only took like 2 hours to make. I used Londa's technique for the back neck and I hemmed it by hand. I, of course, made Jen try it on and it fit her so much better in the top. I don't know what my deal is, I can make clothes that fit Jen but for some reason, they don't always work on me.

Oh yeah, and as a member of the vast sewing conspiracy, I sent Dos home with one of my spare machines, bobbins, needles and thread and I made Jen promise to get together with me so that she can make her own version of Vogue 1250. YAY!


a little sewing said...

Are you kidding? That dress looks great!
A trip to the hospital sounds scary - glad you are OK.

Tina said...

You're so cute! So far, i'm resisting this dress. And I think I know why. Just about every version I have seen on PR or on blogs has looked great. However, the dress on the Vogue model does nothing for me. The more I see it made up though, i'm convinced I like it.

Michelle said...

I *think* I'm going to make up that DKNY dress (in the searsucker) this weekend. I love how everyone's versions of that have been turning out. Plus, it has pockets, and I'm a sucker for a dress with pockets. I do like the Vogue 1250 on you--I think the belt/styling makes it.