Sunday, May 08, 2011

I Sewed Something: Vogue 1224

It's the Tracy Reese dress everyone's been making for spring. The side by side makes me look like a balloon and the model looks deflated, LOL! I wouldn't even try to wear heels with this unless I were wearing leggings. I'm wearing my Isabel Toledo mesh flats here. Cute, huh?

My girl Michelle just made one too from a border print no less, I swear she and I are so similar it's weird. She made hers right when I was making mine and we didn't even talk to each other about it. Seriously, we have planned to make the same dress, but this isn't the one. LOL!

I made mine from a FashFab rayon jersey. I starched it before I started and I only had the smallest piece, I worked the mess outta that piece of fabric! I used a knit lining from spandex house. I wondered whether this really needed the lining and I don't think it does, you really just need the casing. I like the lining though, it adds weight which is nice especially in something this short! I like short skirts but dang!

It was super easy to sew and would be a great beginner project. Because I starched before I cut out, I think my pieces are cut more precisely and my creases are super sharp and defined. I'm a HUGE proponent of pre-starching. I used fusible bias interfacing strips on the hem and on the sleeve hems. It makes a nice sturdy hem.

I think it's kind of cute and funky. I sewed this completely on the sewing machine and not the serger. My serger and I are quarreling. This takes hardly any time to make. That said, it took me about three weeks, but that's because I'm a slow sewer, HA! And after seeing it on, I realize that I should have lowered the waist seam about 2 inches. I added 2" but that was not enough. In order to widen it to fit my measurements, I placed the pattern on the fold and added on the side seams only, I didn't want to make the neckline any wider. It worked out pretty alright.

I like this dress fine but for me, I'm gonna probably wear it mostly as a tunic. Mine is soooo short. Mostly because I was so crazy frugal with the fabric, I barely made it. In fact, the hem has fusible bias interfacing on it, not only because my girl Stephanie told me about it and there was no looking back, but also because, I didn't have enough room for the skirt without nipping into it when I cut it out.

I'm much more comfortable with leggings and my Earth Hype boots.

Here's a shot of the back, mine could have more drape. I would have had to add more width to the back piece, I thought I added enough but if I make this again, I'll probably add a skosh more width for drape.

Next I'm going to make the DKNY dress that everyone's making. from some FASHFAB ponte di roma to wear with my Isabelle Toledo chunky heel sandals.


Debbie Cook said...

It looks GREAT! And don't you dare hide those gorgeous legs everytime you wear it. ;-)

Linda T said...

Great fabric for a great dress. You look Fab!

Pam~Off The Cuff ~ said...

You rock each look!

Mary Beth said...

Love this tunic/dress, Melody!

Michelle said...

Love it! I'm working on a new Butterick dress right now, but I haven't forgotten about that Vogue that we're both making up in the charcoal fabric. That one's still on my to-sew-soon list. ;)

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

You look so cute in this! Love the print you choose. This one is on my list too! And you are going to love the DK Vogue dress...I've made it 3x already!