Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Catching Up

OMG! Time flies by lately. I'm taking a bunch of classes at the local community college so I can brush up on some things. No art or sewing classes this time, it's all about the language of numbers. Sadly, a language in which I'm not so well versed.

In the meantime, I sewed up the Jalie Sweetheart top and I gotta say, as much as I love it on other people; it is not cute on me, No! I'll take a picture and do a proper review when I get time this week. It could be that I did it wrong but the 'how' isn't the problem. You'll see when you see the photo.

I was so happy buying all those Vogue patterns and then the new Burda Plus for spring came out. I really love that issue, there are a whole bunch of things in there that I'd like to make.

I traced this out the other day and almost got it cut out of muslin the other night, but I ran out of time. I'm planning on making it out of the berry tweed fabric at FFab. I've been wanting to make a Chanel style jacket out of that fabric for the longest time and I really would like to have some cute clothes to wear to Chicago for the PR weekend.

As it turns out, I only have one pair of pants!?! How did this happen? I made those jeans which I wasn't entirely sure that I liked and now I wear them all the time, mostly because I have nothing else to wear. How did this happen? I swear, I must go through my fall clothes all summer and toss stuff out in a fit of organization and then by the time February rolls around, I realize that I've been wearing one or two pair of pants every day. Wow. So I realize now, that I really must schedule sewing time, or I don't do it. And considering that I make 98% of my wardrobe, I really have to sew. I'm not that good at sticking to a schedule so it's kind of unusual and uncomfortable, but I seem to be getting more done.

Aside from the Vogue looks I want to sew this season, here are the Burda Plus ones I'm diggin'
I especially love this top/dress. I remember having seen it on Pattern Review and on the Miss Celie's Pants blog, it's so casual cute. I like that boat neckline too, sort of a refined peasant blouse. It may make me look like a sack of potatoes, but I have decent shoulders. I'll definitely make this one out of a linen or one of the new cottons.

This shirt is kinda fierce. I like the shirring down the middle. Again, kinda risky but it could be super cute, right?

Of course I love summer dresses. I can see using these all summer.
I like both tunics, it will come down to which design lines are the most flattering, I suppose. And I've been wanting to see something made up from a few cotton prints. I'm trying to decide between this sherbert one or this lively print. What do you think?
I totally love this skirt. It makes me really hope for a good wholesaler for hemp fabric. But I really like the idea of the grey wool gauze that's all airy, it could be cool.

Now the only challenge will be sticking to the sewing schedule...and the exercise schedule and the healthy diet, it's totally doable.

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Toy said...

Will at least you want you need for your closet. I have maybe two pairs of pants I were all the time. And your burda picks are nice.