Sunday, January 02, 2011

2011 Sewing Goals

I've been a bad, bad, horrible blogger but I resolve to make a better effort to chronicle my sewing projects in general. I've also been a bad, slacker sewer and I resolve to sew an entirely new spring, summer, fall and winter wardrobe regardless of my size. If it changes then the newer stuff will fit better than the older stuff, is all.

I was talking to Lynn a few weeks ago about the 2011 SWAP (or Sewing With A Plan) on Stitcher's Guild and I've done it before, in fact, that's the whole reason I started this blog like, I dunno, forever ago. Anyway, she was all excited about it and it made me wonder what had happened to my own enthusiasm. Sadly, it has waned, mostly because I've been having body acceptance issues. That's not worked out entirely, but I can't walk around naked. I need clothes. I was rather dismayed over the holiday when I went to find something attractive to wear and there were so few choices (in my closet, I don't buy clothes really). I mean really, I have one and a half closets and I only wear stuff from half of a closet. Really in truth, I wear the same dang thing or some slight variation every day. I really need some clothes and I ordered one tee-shirt from Anthropologie this year but they sold out so I didn't even get that. I've begun to seriously plan out the wardrobe. I think I'm going to put the ideas on Polyvore and hone it down to the first batch for the SWAP. I've already started on a jeans muslin, and that's working out pretty well. I plan on finishing it this week (it's a wearable muslin with pocket detail, topstitching and the whole works) and it will hopefully add significantly to my sadly sparse wardrobe. By that point hopefully, I'll have the idea for my SWAP fleshed out. I'll post all of my progress here, in fact here's a photo of my jeans muslin before I took it apart to re-sew and correct the fit issues.

I know there are several things wrong with these and that's the beauty of sewing with friends, they can photograph your butt and point out all those weird wrinkles (thank you Lynn!) The pockets are my favorite. My friend Elnora stitched them out for me using a design purchased from Urban Threads. I have no jeans so these are sorely needed. I plan on working on them today, if I can get the sewing room heated to a degree that I don't need to wear 27 layers just to be in there. But considering that I haven't had breakfast yet; I'll probably be sitting here posting SWAP ideas on Polyvore for a little while longer. Happy New Year!!!!

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