Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Will I Ever Catch Up???

Joann's had a sale this weekend and Simplicity patterns were $1 each. Once again, I went pattern crazy.

This on top of the Butterick and Vogue patterns I bought at the last sale:

I'm still working on the dress for Chris, as I put it aside to work on the jeans muslin for the class on PR and now I've got 9 new patterns on top of all that. I think that in the best interest of everything; I need to exile myself to the sewing room only to come out for food and sleep. It's quite enjoyable once I do get working, it's just that so many other things have to be taken care of before I can get to sewing. I know many of you can relate. I am pretty motivated though so let's see what I can do this week, shall we??


Anonymous said...

I totally went crazy at that Simplicity sale too... I know I won't ever get to them all, but I love being able to dream of what I could make! You have some nice choices - I bought those project runway patterns too!

toy said...

I've been buying a lot of simplicity patterns to, they have great dresses for the summer