Tuesday, June 08, 2010

New Old Swag

Mick and I had our 10th anniversary recently and he gave me a Singer Featherweight. He's been wanting to give me one of these for a long time and he found one for me without letting on to me what the deal was. I may have talked him out of it (as I am a practical gal and have talked him out of it previously preferring to purchase tires for the car or some such thing).

Once I got it, I fell madly in love. See I have a Singer 201-2 Anniversary edition that I never use or even look at. I'd been treating it as if it were a museum piece instead of the sturdy workhorse of a machine and the featherweight cured me of my fear of using the 201-2 (even though I haven't used it yet).

Regardless, I wanted one more piece of the puzzle, I really wanted the Singer 301A, otherwise known as the big sister to the featherweight. I looked on ebay every single day, I looked on Craigslist every single day in every city in Michigan. Everything was either too expensive or not the one I wanted (I wanted the classic black one). Anyway I looked on CL the other day and I had missed a posting, there was one but it was posted the day before, the day that I was sewing at the library with my girls and didn't check CL. My heart sinking I called the number expecting it to be gone. Not only was it not gone, it was really close and only $25 so Mick picked it up for me on his way home from work!

I think it's absolutely beautiful and the perfect addition to my Vintage Singer SM collection. I can't believe how lucky I am, I got the 201-2 at a garage sale near my house some years ago for $50 and I thought that was extravagant. I only bought it because it was pristine and it was my birthday, and now these two lovely girls to complete the family. Now, in my fervor, I may have turned Mick into a sewing machine nut, he's really digging the Rocketeer. If we ever come across one of those, I think it may be coming home with us.

Now at this point I've sewn on the 221 Featherweight and it sews like a dream, I tell you an absolute dream. It just hums along making the perfect stitch. I take it with me to sew with the gal pals and it's just perfect. I've sewn on the 301A to test it out by making a jeans muslin and it sews perfectly, though I know I'm going to have to give it a little tune up. Now I have to sew on the 201-2. From what I hear it's like a little mini tank and sews through anything. I'm definitely going to sew my jeans on the the 201-2, if all goes well with the test.

Here are the three beauties.

See, any husband who puts up with this kind of craziness deserves some handmade jam every once in a while.


alethia said...

What a great guy and the machines are beautiful. I say he certainly hand made jam........

knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

No, a husband that indulges you like yours does deserves homemade jam ALL the time!

Melody said...

You're not kidding. That's why I haven't put the canning pot away yet.

Kristine said...

Very, very cool! You are a very lucky lady, I think Mick deserves a new shirt made on one of the machines!