Saturday, May 29, 2010

Friday Night Sewing

So I've been sewing like a little worker bee lately. What have I accomplished? Sadly, not much. I spent last evening working on my muslin for the jeans class I'm taking on PatternReview. I had a blast in the chat room and I've been having fun working out the detail of the jeans pattern. Suffice it to say, I didn't pay attention to the lessons and I totally screwed up the muslin, but it's a muslin and an easy fix, so I'm onto the next one.

I'm also making this dress

with this fabric

for a client and I had a bit of trouble with the crepe factor of the georgette. However, I solved it by spray starching the heck out of the fabric and then cutting and marking. I should be done with this one by Monday if I'm lucky.

I actually finished my HotPatterns Weekender Sunshine top a few weeks ago. I cut it out like a year ago and put it away, I kept meaning to go back to it and I finally did. Here's the result:

Ignore the fold at the bust, the fabric was stuck to my bra! This is my second attempt at this top, the first one I made years ago and didn't do the FBA, it didn't look right on my and I ended up giving it to Jennifer, she loves it. This one I actually did the FBA and I'm pleased with the results.

I also started a new little skirt which I should have finished that afternoon but I got all flumoxed by the fly (you know I know how to do that) and I had to stop. I was having one of those "my brain is chewing on itself" moments and I couldn't think. I put it away to work on the dress and the jeans but maybe I'll finish it on Tuesday (that is, if I get the dress done this weekend).

Oh and Mick and I had our 10th anniversary this month and he is so sweet, he gave me a Singer Featherweight. I think he's wanted to get this for me for quite some time. I love it, it sews like a dream, I'll post a picture later. I'll post a photo of all of my vintage machines (yup, I have a couple)


Amy said...

Love the Hot Patterns top! It looks fabulous on you.

Kristine said...

Love the top, such a pretty color! I have that Vogue pattern on my table, it's near the top of the "to sew" list, so I'm eager to see your version!

knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

Happy anniversary. Mick gave you a Featherweight? He's a keeper. Hopefully I'll be able to join up with you guys before the summer is over.

Tina said...

Your top looks great, Melody!

Rochelle, that's like the second machine he has given her. I want to know where to get a man like that! ha ha!