Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wait, What?

So this morning, I'm recuperating from a kidney infection and I've just been wandering around the internet. I ended up on Net-A-Porter. I went to the "What's New" section to play my favorite game of "what would I get if I could A) afford it B) fit into it. So many things I love, like these. Even in my fantasy wardrobe I had to talk myself out of the sequin pants, yup.

Then I came upon these really nice Jil Sander Pants

It's a nice white linen pant that you can convert into shorts by rolling them up (there has to be some kind of fastener there to make them different from say, um, any other pair of pants, but I digress). I thought "oooh, those are cute" but when I clicked onto the close up picture, the waistband is intentionally unfinished! And when I say unfinished, I mean, you know the pocket bag pokes out of the top, the stitching that holds the pleats down in front is exposed, you can actually see the pocket bag poking out on this little photo but I urge you to go see for yourself and click on the magnify feature. It's things like this that make me wonder if I've, in fact, completely lost touch with reality. I mean really, this is reality a $900 pair of pants that aren't even finished?Whose reality is this? And I ask this as a legitimate question. Please, if this is your reality contact me here at the blog, I have some ufo's, er, um, pieces you might be interested in.

I appreciate deconstruction as much as the next guy but I just don't live in that world, maybe I wish I did but, oh well. Of course this does give me hope that those pants I thought were still works in progress are, at this very moment, 'hanger ready'.

Photographs from Net-A-Porter

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