Monday, February 22, 2010

Mondays, What's Not To Like?

We got a blizzard, snowstorm, snowpocalypse, snowmageddon thingy last night. It was really beautiful, Mick took Hamish for a walk right when it first started. Lucy wanted nothing to do with it. She stayed curled up with me. When we woke up this morning, it was as if the world was a big giant meringue. Sooooo pretty! I just love the snow covered Michigan spring.
Mick shoveled all the snow and even though I tried to help he wouldn't allow it, but he did mention that it was good packing snow, then he lamented that he probably shouldn't have said that. I hit him, he hit me then it turned into the Epic Snowball Fight. He got me good, even my hair, he kept shouting "Machine Gun!" and just clobbering me. I got some really good surprise moves in and did a good bit of deflecting. Hey who says you can't have a snowball fight when you're in your not teens, twenties or thirties. I had so much fun that I was almost late for my very first singing lesson. Yup, singing lesson. I was so afraid but I had a great time. I'm working on some unexpected songs. One of which is "Midnight Rider" by the Allman Brothers. My god I love that band. They are so incredibly interesting. I was cleaning my sewing room and it was a big job boy, I needed something to listen to so I put on "Stand Back: The Anthology". It's got like 35 songs on it so I figured I'd just zone and clean, but I got hooked. They were very jazz influenced, it's a cool jazzy, country, rock sound.

I was able to get some quality sewing done and I'll post my finished project in a couple of days, I'm actually really excited by it. I have a bit of a cold or something which is making my head a bit foggy; while I was working I somehow really screwed up my email. I'll hopefully get that straightened out soon. I have no email, it's crazy and a little scary. I also made something really funny and ridiculous, a bonnet, but I don't know if that'll ever see the light of day. It's really silly but it was something fun Julie and I decided to do one day when we were goofing off in the sewing room. Sometimes a sewing machine is a dangerous thing!

I have to say that here in Detroit, we have our pick of some of the best Middle Eastern food on the planet and one of the best of the bests is in my 'hood. The Beirut Bakery is amazing. They're known for their Zataar bread among other things. I've been going there forever but if anybody is around the area, they are the truth. The other awesome Middle Eastern restaurant I've recently tried and was super pleased with was called Sheesh, they just opened and oooh, dang that food was kick-ass. I don't know where they're located exactly but they are in Ann Arbor, check it out if you're in the area, the garlic dip was killer.


Nicole said...

Speaking of middle-eastern food (but not really), the areas only Persian resturant closed its doors recently. Pars was on Orchard Lake in Farmington Hills and the food was amazing! Jon and I would go there on our aniversary every year. I am sad it is gone, I have been told the next closest persian food is in Chicago... :(

Enjoy the snow!

Ms. M said...

I hope you enjoy your singing lessons! I took singing lessons years ago, and people would ask me why, and I didn't have a reason. It was just fun. And I firmly believe that anyone can learn to sing!

Sheesh sounds like a great name for a restaurant.