Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Bogue Patterns

New Simplicity and McCalls were just posted today. I like a bunch of the dress that McCall's has issued, cause you know, I'm a dress girl. Not so much for me on the Simplicity side. I really like Simplicity 2444 but it isn't suitable for me because it's a very "wasp waist" and I have more of a "bubble waist". Eh, what are you gonna do? (aside from diet and exercise). But I did find two particularly unattractive offerings from McCall's that I really want to talk about.

First up: McCall's 6039

Look at that line drawing, it's just the cutest thing. I absolutely love this jacket while not suitable for my figure, it is (I think) fashion forward with the seaming and the nipped in waist. I can see it done up in this metallic linen, this turquoise linen or or this tweed. But the actual garment that is on the envelope, Gawd! I hate it. I can barely look at without the risk of weeping tears of blood (well, not that bad) ugh, ugh! I remember when I used to go to the sewing Expo with Sheryl and she'd always mock the women in sweatshirt jackets (too loudly too) I was shushing her but silently agreeing. This is right up there with the sweatshirt jacket. And to any of you who make and wear sweatshirt jackets, you're probably lovely people, but that has got to stop, seriously. Anyway, back to this jacket, maybe McCall's was trying to go for the Anthropologie vibe with this but I think they missed the mark and went skidding into heinous territory.

Next up: McCall's 6043

I think this is just way too eighties in a bad way. It's not referential but literal and some of those eighties looks were plain unflattering (I know, I wore them). In fact, I probably wore a jacket like this and those of you who have seen the Cosby show remember the giant boyfriend jacket. I think to make this look work, you gotta do some major merchandising. You've got to style it up with so many accessories and other things, is it really worth all the trouble?? Really, what this look needs is some serious shaping. That boxy look doesn't really suit anyone well unless their doing the Stranger Than Paradise look (and that film is not known for it's fashion, at least not in a good way).

But if I have to mock the bad, I also have to praise the good, at least the unexpectedly good. I was looking at this really beautiful top at Anthropologie (one of my snoop shopping faves, obviously) and this ethereal grey gauze and I think that a great version could be made by modifying this pattern:


Heather said...

OMG! That 6043 is absolutely hideous! What are they thinking? That Antho top is gorgeous!

Sew Passionista said...

I agree with you about the 80's look pattern. Wht go back to those fashion disasters. Wasn't once enough?I like the little jacket though but of course in a simpler way.Who could wear it the way they have it made up?

Mary E said...

The 80's jacket and pants pattern: To my 10 year class reunion, I wore a red jacket and shorts set just like the one on the envelope. With pantyhose. And little black patent sandals with kitten heels. And hair as big as I could get it. OMG. I thought I was soooo hot.....

Thanks for the laugh!