Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My New Top

I was invited to brunch this past weekend and I thought, what a perfect opportunity to make something cute and new. Stephanie, Elnora and I went pattern shopping together and Stef and I loved Burda 7625.

She and I are similarly busty and we thought it would be a cute festive top. Well guess what, we were right!

My version is a lot less gathered but that's because I have to fill those gathers out and I didn't need an expanse of fabric sitting on top of all of that. I used a Fashionista Fabrics Boho Jersey so I maneuvered the pattern pieces to what I thought was a good effect. I really like the action at the bottom because that's where I want to focus more attention, less attention at the top. The fabric has two borders so the back of the top has a little bit of that going on, I thought it worked out pretty good. I've already worn it twice and I even spilled some sauce on it (bound to happen sooner or later).

And yes, those odd white lines in the photo, snow is falling on me as I brave the cold to take the photo. Well, snow and some dog hair.


Elaray said...

You worked the fabric to your advantage and the top looks great!

Patty said...

Very cute! Glad to see you are sewing....I haven't sat down to my machine in weeks!!

Debbie Cook said...

Very nice top! Love the design placement you chose for the fabric.

Dog hair - LOL! Don't I know it!

Heather said...

Love it! It looks great on you. Dog hair? Yes, I'm very familiar with that design element. Use it all the time.... LOL!

Sherril said...

You did a great job with design placement. The colors are so lovely and you look great in it. I really like this style on you. I hope you make it again.