Friday, June 26, 2009

I Can't Decide, I Need Input!!!

O.k. so I'm done with my latest wrap dress and I like it, I think it is a successful garment. I fully intend to post a review both here and on Pattern Review. But now that I've finished that, I can't decide what the next garment should be. I've got a few things floating around in my head and I've a couple of different patterns in mind. I have narrowed down my fabric choices pretty much but still. Listen, enough chatter, here are the pictures.

I was thinking of using
Vogue 1027, DKNY knit wrap dress for this knit print. I've thought about making this for a while from this fabric but I just came off of a knit dress and I need other types of things to wear. But on the positive side, I know that wrap dresses tend to work well on me.

I would love to make another version of the V8379 wrap dress from this really fun funky print. I just love it, but again, do I really need a third version of the same dress in rapid succession???

I have thiscrazy dress in mind for this navy linen. I like this dress but some of my friends don't care for it, I mean, I might not either but it could be comfy and fashionable, I don't know. But then I also thought that I'd like to make some linen pants in navy and I did just get those cute new navy platform sandals, but I could also wear them with some other choices.

I love, love, love this fabric and I'm inspired by the Ralph Lauren suits so I thought I might make a nice jacket like this. Or should I go in a different direction and make a classic jean jacket?

For this fabric, I know what I want to make, a peasant blouse. I think this is the perfect fabric for it and it's getting to be unbearably hot so now may be the perfect time. But I still want to make a maxi dress, even though I may only have a few chances to wear it. I've been seriously thinking about using

Actually there are a few different fabrics that I can envision making the maxi dress from.  I even thought about the white embroidered cotton but I thought that may be too bridal in all white, maybe Mick and I can get married again!  But seriously, I can't even narrow down the maxi dress pattern much less the fabric.  I wanted to join the sew along on Pattern Review but those never work for me anyway, I get too "in my head" about the garment and all work stops.  

Anyway tell me what you think, you my virtual sewing buds.  I'll certainly be asking the RL sewing buds tomorrow.

Oh, btw, these are the shoes.

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Sherril said...

There is NO reason you can't have more than one jersey knit wrap dress. Since you have the pattern fresh in your mind, just do it. I like the print with the floral better than the brush stroke because it looks kinda stripey. I'd love to have the jean jacket/blouse made up in that metallic fabric. And I think you'd get more wear from the linen pants than the tie on dress. The peasant blouse will be very nice for the summer, you'd get more wear from it. As short as I am I'm not interested in maxi-dresses but you're tall, so that could work. But please join the sew-along. There are no deadlines and it's for fun, not stress!