Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sewing But Not Really Sewing

It's slow around here so I finally have time to do a little blogging.

I've been having the best time. I went to NY to get new fabrics a couple of weeks ago and now they're all up on the site. It was great because my dear friend Fork house sat while we were gone. It's so nice not to have to worry about the pets when we're away. The bonus was that when we came back, I got to hang out with Fork and her daughter. She's just about the most amazing little three year old. I can't imagine keeping up with her on a daily basis, she's just a ball of energy.

We've been exploring Detroit together. While I live here, I don't much go anywhere. We're a one car family in a three car town. Most of my wanderings are in a seven mile radius (ups, the post office, costco, meijers, joann's) But this last week we went to the Riverwalk and Eastern Market, Angelina's (restaurant) and Belle Isle, it was super cool. I did have one scary moment but that's because I assume that everyone is a rational human being who is willing to have a discussion (I should not assume that), I almost got beaten up by a nasty ex-con but Thank God, his mother showed up (yeah, I know!).

One day when we were here at my house, we decided to cook some dandelion greens because Fork was feeling poorly and our neighbor was worried about them in her lawn and was going to lay down poisons to kill them. We tried to talk her out of it by showing her how valuable they are, so we set about picking them. We cooked them up but they are quite a bitter green, I knew she would hate them. Undaunted, I set to work looking on the interwebs for recipes and I found one; Dandelion Fritters. OH MY GOD!! Who knew?!? These things are delicious. I could see that having a whole yard of dandelions wouldn't be enough for these tasty treats. Anyone who is an adventurous eater simply must give these a try. I found the recipe here I used water instead of milk because I don't use milk and boy were they delicious. My only problem is that I ran out of dandelions and now the neighbors are all poisoned. I guess it's just as well, I ate so many I got a little indigestion.

On the sewing front; Lynnelle and I are making Vogue 8379 and I can't for the life of me seem to get moving on this. It might have something to do with all the failures I've been having sewing-wise lately. I just made a little toddler jumper for Fork's daughter and I was worried that it wouldn't be perfect and I kept pausing. It was taking me forever. In reality I know this little girl couldn't care less about threads and seams and hems but I was really stalling myself. Lynn, I and Elnora worked on the Mccalls Blouse pattern and Elnora and Lynn both got their fit issues nicely worked out (in my opinion). But each of us is fretting about this top. There is even a topic dedicated to it on Pattern Review (One Pattern, Many Fits) and I don't think any of us has gotten any further than the muslin. On the bright side we're meeting up this weekend and it'll be fun like always and hopefully we'll get some garments done. I've been wearing the same thing for a week and I'm over it.


Mary Beth said...

Hey, thanks for the new recipe! It uses just the flowers, right? Hmmm, I've added the tender leaves to a salad but never eaten the flowers.

Boy, I do know the feeling of hesitant sewing! It's hard to get over having taken on a project, seeing what you want and then not getting there. Wish we lived closer together, we could help each other out a lot!

PS: enjoy that city (said the country girl who used to live in Los Angeles) and stay safe

Melody said...

MaryBeth, I wish you lived closer on a daily basis. Just let me know when you're anywhere near me and we'll hang out. BTW, I just made more dandelion fritters and Mickey liked them and the cat even stole one off my plate!

Sherril said...

Melody, you can come to my house and pick the flowers. I just mow them away, no poison here.

Anonymous said...

Thank gaud the neighbors were all poisoned BEFORE you ran out of dandelions! I'll have to try this recipe for my next family reunion...

Sew Passionista said...

I've made V8379 a couple of times now for my daughter and I and it's a great pattern that turns out looking just as it does on the envelope. Just go for it!