Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Purse And Other Pursuits

I've been working on a wearable muslin for the purse. It's coming out quite nicely.

The whole think has a layer of fusible Peltex on it and all the edges are serged to keep down ravelling. It's looking pretty good. I'm almost ready to make it in this:

Right after I saw the purse, I ran out to the nearest Tandy Leather and found a soft piece of garment leather. The Vogue pattern is, I think, the perfect size for this bag. It's kind of evening bag size. I made some adjustments and it's looking pretty good. I have the needed hardware already, now it's just a matter of getting some heavy duty paper clips and sewing this sucker together. I think the Prada bag is a little bigger.

Cidell's posts on tie making inspired me to make ties for Mick and Lou. Fashionista Fabrics has a wonderful black silk herringbone that would be perfect for a tie and I already have a pattern for a tie

(an old McCall's pattern)
and I've got a call in to Silhouette Patterns for tie interfacing. I also purchased the tie making handbook from David Page Coffin referenced on Cidell's blog. I made Mick a silk scarf for his name day and now for Xmas, he's going to get a really nice tie.

If I have any leather left over I'm going to attempt these gloves.

And to top it all off, I'm in a really bad mood. Which is so stupid because if I were sewing, it would probably do loads to switch my mood around but I'm waiting for UPS and I don't want them leaving stuff on the porch so I stay within earshot of the bell and hope they arrive soon.

Oh yeah, Lynn, I called about the silk cotton satin. I've ordered it in black, grey, ivory and peach. And yes, it is fabulous and I just found out why, it's from Badgley Mischka, that's why we like it so much.


Michelle said...

Ooh! Let me know when the grey comes in. I need to make a bridesmaid's dress for a late January wedding, and I'm guessing this would be perfect. (I've had a heck of a time finding any fabric that I like for this that isn't $45/yard for 45"...)

Lynnelle said...

Thank you! Mmm...that stuff is so nice, too. I have the perfect pattern for it. We'll chat tomorrow!