Friday, December 12, 2008

The Hamish Bowler

Some of you who know me know that I have a fondness for giving pets ridiculous names like Portia the dog, Calpurnia the cat, that tradition continues with our newest found dog, Hamish. Once I looked at him and realized he didn't have a tag and I didn't know what to call him, I thought "he's a proper little gentleman" and of course when I think of "proper gentlemen, I guess, I immediately think of Vogue and it's style editor, Hamish Bowles, although it would have worked as well with the name Andre Leon Talley. Hamish is what our dog is now named and as I come to know him better, he's really much more of a goofball than anything, He has trouble negotiating the kitchen floor, so much so, he routinely falls over when coming in or going out, I think he's just too excited. It's funny but also a little sad, I mean I feel bad for the guy.

When I set out to make this odyssey of a purse (this is only the half way point), I was going for a specific look. This is not it. I love this little bag but it isn't what I intended (much like the dog). This is the wearable muslin before I cut into the leather and lace. I needed to have an insurance policy, some definite parameters. I used Vogue 9255 (oop) as a jumping off point and I made some changes. Not all of those were the best idea. Like say, I didn't like the extra panel sewn onto the bottom and quickly nixed it but then the bottom had no definition so I made tiny seams on each side of the bottom. It looked great up until I sewed the whole thing together and realized the top is much bigger than the bottom. So even with purse feet, it falls over much like my dog, Hamish, it's namesake. I do think it's cute and goofy, again, like the dog. And, of course, it's a bowling style bag. I like the ruffle and the round shape but I am going for the literal copy of the Prada bag. I'm on my way to Office Max to get some poster board (for a newer, better pattern) and then I'll spend the evening drafting. I'll get sewing on it tomorrow while I'm waiting for the tie interfacing from Peggy Sagers.

So whadya think? The dog--the bag, any resemblance.


AllisonC said...

Both look pretty darn cute to me. Great post, you are a talented writer.

Melody said...

Thank you Allison, very kind of you.

Kira Bell said...

Love your post! Love both the dog and the purse. I like how you made the handles, did you hand sew themall the way? I have been wondering how to go about sewing purse handles like that. thanks

Sew Passionista said...

Oh this is so darn cute! hope you see this even if its many days after youposted.