Saturday, December 20, 2008

HA HA Mick And Lou Are Making Cookies

Louie, my very fabulous brother in law has arrived. The thing he wanted most was dinner and chocolate chip cookies. Mick and he agreed to make them. Thank goodness, I totally don't feel well and I've spent the entire day power cleaning. It's time for me to lay back with some Nyquil. Wait, I just heard Mick say, " you have to mix the wet ingredients separately from the dry ingredients", I swooned a little. He's so cute. I hope they come out good. I love those two.

They didn't come out good, Lou used a cup of sugar instead of the required 1/2 cup of sugar, not cute.


Anonymous said...

Ah come on, a cup of sugar is not that bad?!? You could have a cup of black coffee or tea with it to offset the sweetness.
What on earth is that awful link doing on your blog????? mamamamama-site, donde esta......what?
It is just very irritating, sorry Melody.


Melody said...

It's just not Christmas without Santa Claus and his ole' lady to me, but you can easily hit the "pause button" to stop or scroll forward to the Vince Guarldi Christmas song or the Goldberg Variations. And while the cookies were too sweet, they still ate them and then we made more, it's all good.

Mary Beth said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the sweet people and other mammals hanging around your house these days.