Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Rhinovirus

My wonderful and fabulous husband has succeeded in giving me an early Christmas present, and it's the same thing he gave me last year; his cold. Last year we had guests but we both stayed in our pajamas and got my brother-in-law to cook (with supervision from me, of course). We were soooo sick. This year hopefully we've caught it early enough so that it'll be over and done with on Christmas. As far as sewing is concerned, I'm not going to stress about it, if I get gifts done, great, if I don't, oh well. I'll see what I can accomplish today although I'm really concerned more with making myself some comfort food (pinto beans, greens, cornbread) than anything else.


Lisa Laree said...

What *is* it with Christmas and viruses??? sure messes with the joy of the season!

Hope you're feeling better really soon!

Tina said...

I get sick every year too. I never fails. Although, this year I still feel ok, but I have to take the kid to the doctors tomorrow because she's been sick.