Sunday, November 23, 2008

Handsewn Presents

It's that gift giving time of year again.  I personally love it.  I love making things for my friends and family.  I haven't decided exactly what I'm going to do but I have some pretty good ideas and some things I've done in the past which worked out well. My neighbor down the street is pretty easy I think, he just stopped by this afternoon to tell me how much he loved the pie I made, so you know, there you go.  The girlfriends are a different story. Who knows.  One year I made them all Madeline Vionnet style Mobius scarves very much like the ones at The Fashion Incubator, I got the pattern from issue #91 of Threads magazine from November of 2000. I remember the calculations were wrong and I ended up doing all kinds of math to get the right size. It worked out, my girlfriends loved them and eventually Threads corrected the error. I think scarves are still a good idea and there's a whole bunch of different fabrics here which work well for the Mobius scarf and a variety of other different scarves. They're so simple, just cut a square or a rectangle and roll the hem, you're done, present dilemma over.

I also noticed a bunch of people making the Amy Butlers Weekender Travel Bag and Sophia Bag as a really lovely set.  I thought it would be cool made up from this fancy looking tweed. I also think this cool robe would make someone happy in a silk charmeuse, crepe or crepe de chine.

Any of these hot handbags would make a great gift for a fashionable chickie, as would a a cute Anthropologie style top or a cute jersey top, using any good knit top pattern like say this really easy Butterick pattern. Plus, Butterick patterns are .99 this weekend at Joann's.

Again you could use the fancy fabric to make a nice boucle hat and scarf, I think that would work for anyone on the list, it's gender neutral. And so are these pinnacle of luxury silk pajamas, for the special person on the gift list.

Custom address labels and matching stationary are something you can make at home on your own computer with some effort and any decent arty type software program.

Mick still needs a new jacket and he likes the looks of this really expensive Zegna jacket, so of course I'll be trying my hand at this.

With all that said, I have a ton of work to do.

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Jackie said...

You've given some excellent gift ideas. There's still time for me to act on some! Thanks