Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day!!!!!!!!!!!

O.k. well, see I am a very political person. I take this whole democracy thing very seriously, I haven't missed an opportunity to vote since I reached voting age (I almost went to law school and studied a tiny bit of Constitutional Law). Now I voted last week as I am out of town today (schlepping the garment district) and I tell you what this is so amazingly exciting. Now it's always great being in NYC because everyone is so bare, so connected, whether you want to be or not. You can only get to where you want to go by being in the same space with other people. In Michigan, we're pretty insular and solitary. You know each person has a car to his or herself and you don't really have the same human connection. That said today is human connection at it's best. Some mock New Yorkers as rude uncaring people, but that is simply not the case. Mickey sneezed getting off the Subway and some stranger said god bless you. That was really sweet.

Starbucks is giving away free coffee today if you vote and so of course, we went to get our free coffee and we were chatting with people in line, everyone is in a good mood, everyone is excited. Then we walked by Ben and Jerry's who are giving away free ice cream if you voted and there was a huge line out front and eveyone was happy and chatting. It helps that the weather is wonderful. But I tell you what, this is one of my absolute favorite trips to NY. Here's some pictures from Rockefeller Center. It looks like Uncle Sam threw up red, white and blue. It's incredible. There were already tons of people there and it was only six o'clock. What's it gonna be like at 10 pm, Damn!

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Natanya said...

Glad to have you in our neck of the woods! And what a magical and historic time, hope you enjoyed your trip.