Monday, August 04, 2008

I Give Up (for today at least)

No hits on the dog. I'm beginning to think he was dumped and he's just so sweet. Lucy likes him and so do we, Libby, well that's another matter. I'm still feeling sickly. This morning I'd planned to get up early and re-photograph the fabric because all the photos came out blueish last time. Ah, those good intentions. The dog stayed in the backyard yesterday, he's really quite dirty, but he was o.k. with it. I think it was a little too exciting for Lucy because in the middle of the night, while we were all sleeping she had a small seizure which caused her to lose bladder control. She was perfectly fine a couple of minutes later but we had to take her outside just in case she to go again and then Mick washed her and I washed and changed the bedding. Everything was fine due to the moisture barrier mattress cover, but you know that was at four a.m. Then when I did wake up, I felt like crap so I scheduled a same day appointment with my doctor and since Mick had a hair appointment, I took my mom's old car and he took the Honda. Well the doctor refilled my prescriptions and then sent me for blood work but nothing else. So as I was leaving, I pulled out onto the service drive and just as I was straightening out the car from the two lanes I was diagonally across, it died. I tried and tried but I couldn't start it, so here's me in my cute gold sandals trying to steer and push my car to the side of the road. Luckily a really nice man and woman came and pushed me out of the way. Then I just sat there, I have no cell phone and I didn't know where the hazard switch was for the car when the lady who helped pushed comes walking up and let me use her cell phone to call the auto club, plus she knew how to turn on the hazards. While we were standing there, the police showed up and lit some flares behind me and then the tow truck was there in no time at all. He drove me and my car home. It was my intention to put the truck in the driveway and move the car to the front of the house but when I got in the truck, it too was dead. Nothing, not even a clicking sound. So I decided it was time to go in and have some breakfast (yes, all of this happened before breakfast). I came back out to check the car again and on a lark I tried to start it, it started right up, like nothing had ever happened. On top of it all, I'm still sickly, with no solutions from the doctor. I thought, I know, I'll go sew. I started and I was so tired that I couldn't do too much. So, in spite of all the drama and all the good fortune (I'm so lucky that everything unfolded the way it did, imagine if those nice people hadn't been there!) I have decided to just give up and go to bed. Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow!!!


Mary Beth said...

Oh no!!! It's definitely bedtime. Do you have a diagnosis so far? Could it be related to a vitamin deficiency (that's been so in the news lately)

Wish I lived around the corner, Dearie. Alas, I can only keep you in my very best and highest thoughts!

MB said...

Well, your troubles with things mechanical seem to be happening throughout cyberland. I'm just glad everyone is safe! So rest well, take care of yourself and the animals and stay where it's cool.

Kat said...

Eww! Don't you just hate those crummy days? I had a problem once with my car like that. My dad said it was likely there was condensation in the gas tank and to keep it more than halfway full.

Who knows what it really was, but sometimes I think it would be nicer to travel by horseback.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you got a yucky bug in your bones. Hope you'll be soon better. Take care of yourself, get lots and lots of vitamin C.

Lynnelle said...

Awww...I just checked your blog today. I didn't know all of this happened! I think I may be responsible for making you sick since I was sooo ill on the 2nd. Bad bugs...bad bad bugs. =)

I too am glad to see that you arrived home safely and that there were some kind folks out there to give you a hand.

Be safe and well my friend. We shall chat soon. =)