Thursday, August 28, 2008

Completely Normal, Almost

Whew! What a ride it's been. I found a dog who seemingly has no people, I lost my computer due to a KISS malfunction and I ended up in the nicest hospital while on my long awaited vacation.

First the dog. I put him on craigslist and michigan pet finder and I put up picture flyers around the neighborhood and called all the neighboring municipalities animal control departments and no takers. Obviously during this time we've all kinda bonded and we like each other (all except for our cat who smacked him on the head a couple of times) so our final step was to see if in fact he might have had a chip and of course he didn't. Mick loves him cause he's a boy dog and he's big and burly, plus Mick is a complete pet sucker. So we've decided to keep him, our vet says he's only about 3 and he's really quite sweet and already fixed. I named him Hamish (after the Vogue style editor, but I didn't know that at the time) because he's such a proper gentleman and our pack is now a little bigger.

Vacation started out great. I knew I was a little sick (kidney infection) before we left and my doctor called in a prescription for me and I was well on my way to recovery. We got there (Saugatuck) and it was so great, the weather was perfect, the drive out was perfect, my BIL showed up, everything was gravy. We had tons of fun playing board games, going into town shopping, admiring all the boats and just hanging out at the park or downtown. The Persied meteor shower was on the Monday night that we were there and how perfect was that? No clouds, no city lights just a big black sky and craploads of shooting stars. It was absolutely fabulous. Then the next day, I didn't feel so well so I stayed behind while Mick and Lou took Lucy swimming and hiking. I thought I'd feel better the next day but I felt worse and I started developing a fever. Mick freaked right out and got all "nurse maid" on me. Because the fever kept going up and I didn't seem to be getting better he suggested that I go to the hospital in the neighboring town of Holland so I did. They were super nice and took me in right away and I got some IV antibiotics and some pain meds and then they sent me on my way with a new prescription. Well that new prescription was not the right thing. I got sicker and sicker until the fever went to 104.4 and I was puking more than talking. I ended up back at the hospital and then transfered down to my local hopsital which is where I spent the last weekend of my vacation. I missed my friends wedding and I didn't get to go hiking or kayaking or shopping (much) and worst of all I had no computer the entire time. The house didn't have WIFI and I couldn't leave to go anywhere that did have it. By the time I got home and well I was jonesing for some good ole internet, cut to...

The computer tragedy. I had tons of work to do before I left but I just couldn't get it all finished so I figured I'd start fresh when I got back. It took a couple of days after my brief hopsital stay to feel better but I did soon enough and I started dancing around the house with my ipod. Well, don't you know I decided that "I need some new songs on this thing, maybe some 70's rock..." So I pull out all these cd's that I haven't listened to in a while and I begin plugging them into Itunes, everything was going alright till I got to Elton John, it didn't seem to be working well, going slow and whatnot so I stopped it and moved on. The next few cd's went on fine until I got to KISS (KISS Alive II, specifically) all the songs went on until the last song and then this horrible noise SCREERWCHH and nothing. I tried to eject the disc and couldn't, I turned off the computer turned it back on and couldn't. Mick finally was able to get it to eject but then it wouldn't turn on, just a sad little grey apple on a blank screen so we packed it up and took it to the mac store where the mac "genius" told me that I needed a new hard drive. Wait, what???? Isn't that like the equivalent of getting a new engine? So after much hand wringing, I called MacMall and ordered my new baby. I'm very pleased with it, I'm going to take it and the old one to the Mac 'geniuses' to see if they can get the data off the old one and onto the new one. That'll teach me not to back up stuff!

Anyway, everything's great now and last night my dear friend Rico and I went to the Michigan State Fair and saw Alice
Cooper. What a great show, it was the whole full on madness with a gallows and dancers and everything. It was such fun, now I just have to go back to the fair in the daytime so I can see all the quilts and jam and cakes. Not to mention the animals, last time I was there I got to milk a cow and see a circus. I love the State Fair.


Stef said...

Wow! You've had a lot going on. Sounds like a scary vacation experience!

I'm happy to hear that you're feeling better.

Lynnelle said...

I'm glad to see that things are almost back to normal! I am also happy to hear that you're feeling better.

Mary Beth said...

Wow 2Xs! I'm so glad Mick got you took care of and back home safe and sound. Sorry you missed out on the last bit of fun, though. Crazy times capped off by Alice Cooper! Some folks just know how to live :)