Thursday, July 17, 2008

Back From NYC

O.K.  Here's the thing, I just got back from fabric shopping in NYC for Fashionista Fabrics.  I totally didn't feel like going.  Every time I go, the night before I leave I have this crazy nightmare about not being able to find any good fabric.  This time was no exception.  I dreamt that no one would help me and there was absolutely no fabric to be found.  When I awakened I realized it was my standard anxiety dream and I looked at the pile of laundry that needed doing and the sink full of dirty dishes and decided, I might as well go.  This time, I was sitting next to two women on the plane and we were complaining about how bad the airline sucks and I noticed the one lady's top.  I thought, "ooh, that's just the thing I'm looking for".  We got to talking and next thing you know, we were landing.  It was just a wonderful flight, no turbulence, no issues, no drama, just girl talk.  You can't beat that on an airplane.  Anyway, I went to some new vendors and saw some cool stuff (some of which will be up at FF pretty soon).  I went to the bookstore across the street from FIT again, I really like that bookstore, I like it better than the FIT bookstore.  I got a couple of hip curve rulers for a couple of my sewing buds.  Ladies, you gotta know I love you if I'm willing to schlep two 24" metal rulers around the city and on an airplane!  It turned out to be a fruitful trip.  I finished early enough that I had time to go check out some of the fancy retail fabric stores.  I'd never been to Parons or Parons Annex before.  They had some wonderful things (some of which I have at FF) and likewise at Rosen and Chadick, I'd been there before but you could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw they had  this

We sold out of it pretty quickly and I understand why, they were asking almost double of what we were asking. Ah, the cache of the garment district. I'm not mad at 'em though, they gotta make that paper too.

I went to New York Elegant Fabrics. I got the business card and I wrote on the back "WOW! OMG! Fabric Really $$$". It's a huge, huge store filled with really beautiful and not cheap fabrics, I could have spent a couple of weeks in there.

I came away really inspired and I got some really nice fabrics for the fall and the end of summer. I can't wait till they all arrive. Oh yeah, and the woman on the plane who had on the cute top, I found the fabric and it'll be up at FF very soon.


Mary Beth said...

I had a feeling you were trekking NYC. Can hardly wait to see the new fabrics!

Kat said...

Paron's/Paron's Annex and Metro are my FAVE stores in NYC! Gosh, I'm dying to go again.

Lynnelle said...

Thanks for getting the ruler. =) Sooo...did they set off the metal detector? You know how the TSA can be about rulers and such. *tee hee*

Michelle said...

Can't wait to see the new fabrics!

Dawn Wilson said...

My husband and I were in NYC in February. Visited Paron's and New York Elegant Fabrics. I was blown away at the size of the selection in NYEF. Could only buy some Bemberg I needed but cannot get in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I talked to one of the owners about how great his store was and he gave me an oversized New York Elegant Fabrics burlap bag and said to let him know by email if I want him to check his stock for me. I agree: WOW!!