Thursday, June 26, 2008

So Far, Not Bad, Not Bad At All!

Well, the Obama dress bodice muslin is coming along nicely.  I need Mick to pin the back closed so I can check the final fit.  I'm still waiting for my new bras to come in the mail which will either confirm or deny the bodice fit but at the moment, it looks surprisingly good.  I'll post some pictures later once Mick does the pinning.   In the meantime, I'm planting flowers and avoiding the neighborhood children, who for some reason are drawn to me.  Everyday, there's a tiny knock at the door and then a gaggle of kids swarm my house to play with my dog, eat from my herb garden and ask a bunch of bizarre kid style questions.  I'm finally the most popular kid on the block and I'm 42 years old.  Oh, it's too much.

Lisa tagged me so here's a bunch of info about me:

1.  What were you doing ten years ago?

I was the assistant director of security for the Detroit Institute of Arts.  I was probably getting ready to go to the Rainbow Gathering and I was hanging out with my boyfriend (now husband).

2.  What five things are on my "to do" list for today?

1.Work on the bodice
2. Do the laundry
3. Plant up the lobelia and portulaca
4. Make soymilk from scratch
5. Clean off my desk (it's a constant and never gets done)

3. Snacks I enjoy

   Cape Cod Dark Russet Potato chips
Sesame seed tortilla chips
Smoked oysters
Spirulina and flax seed oil covered popcorn

4. What I would do if I became a billionaire

*Donate the maximum amount of money allowable to Barack Obama's presidential campaign.
*Buy this cute little building in Manhattan and hire my BIL to turn it into the most fabulous little building.  
*Buy Art.
*Send my brother to a good mental health and rehab facility and buy him a house and hire a personal assistant for him.
*Buy Mickey a nine foot Steinway concert grand piano.
*Donate tons money to a variety of different causes.

5. Places I have lived
Detroit, Michigan
Redford, Michigan

6.  What type of work I've done:

Fitness Instructor
Health Club Manager
Cake Decorator
Security Guard
Security Manager
Fabric Cutter
Sewing Instructor

7. Five people I'd like to know more about:

And a shout out to Duffy, Hey girl!  Where you at?


artist1lisa said...

Hi Melody.Thank you for participating.Hope you become a billionaire.

Anonymous said...

Hi Melody,
Ill be home 7/20...not sure if all my stuff will be but I will be!
Can't wait to see you.