Friday, May 23, 2008

That Mojo Is A Slippery Creature

You know why I say that...I've lost mine, AGAIN! I think it happened in New York. While I love going and looking at and purchasing fabrics for the store (which are all posted on Fashionista Fabrics now), I just didn't enjoy what I was wearing. I know it's all about me and my ongoing struggles with my weight but I just couldn't stand how I looked the whole time. Part of this is due to the differences in mirrors. Now here's a bit of history. I grew up in a house full of mirrors, as my mother was not only a model but a really awesome sewer. She needed mirrors to check fit, check the back, check the make-up, check the shoes. I, being the rebellious child that I am, decided to eschew mirrors in favor of a more crunchy, hippie kind of vibe. I moved in with a man who had 2 mirrors, one over the bathroom sink and one on the bathroom door. Well that's always been just fine for me because those two mirrors seem to have magical capabilities. They totally make me look taller and slimmer than I actually am. As I gained weight, it didn't really matter because my mirrors told me I looked good. Well, cut to New York and Lou's apartment. Lou, my dear sweet brother-in-law who lets me stay with him, has exactly two mirrors as well but for some odd reason, his mirrors make me look shorter and fatter than I actually am (or maybe not, I can't tell now) so as a consequence, I looked TERRIBLE in absolutely everything I put on except the Simplicity 3887 top. Of course, it didn't help that I went to Macy's and I tried on some things that actually looked good on me (I ended up buying a trenchcoat in bright yellow and I almost bought more clothes, thank goodness they're ridiculously expensive for something I could make in not too long a time. Anyway, when I got home, I got so busy with the store and whatnot, that I didn't have the energy to sew. It's been a godsend to have people to sew with because at least I haven't completely given up.

As we've been working together, Lynn is working on her mini swap and Therisa is working on lingerie and Elnora is working on a million different things. I can't seem to decide and I'm sick to death of having failures, things that are just a little off. Therisa is the bra making champ of the group and after much discussion, we don't think my bra is correct and because of that I'm reluctant to start something until I can get a good bra. I ordered some from Bare Necessities and I'm hoping they'll be here soon. I ordered three different sizes in the hopes that I'll find one that fits and looks good under clothes. Plus too, I want to make a bunch of different things and it's hard to decide on one thing to start.  Here's what I'd like to make soon as well as the Simplicity jacket:
This is of course, all because of Carolyn.  I never even thought about this dress until she put it on her blog, now I think it's the most perfect beautiful dress EVER!

On the more proactive tip, Mick and I started doing the Body For Life Challenge together and so far so good. We haven't missed one weight lifting day but aerobic days can only get better. I feel very positive about that, I feel that my body has already changed a bit and I'm for sure feeling stronger.  And hey, at the very least, I need to make some new gym clothes.


Keely said...

I've always found the mojo seems to come running back as soon as I can't sew because of time, work etc.l Yet, if I have plenty of time, my mojo goes on holiday.

Anonymous said...

Hi honey,
Get a professional bra fit. It is amazing how different what you think you are and what it is..
I heart you!!

Kat said...

Hang in there! You can do it! The one thing I don't like about my weight is that people will say, "Oh, you have it so easy since you're naturally thin." They truly don't know how hard I work at staying fit. I watch what I eat and am at the gym 4 or 5 days/week. It's constant work whether one is thin or has pounds too lose.

Your mirror issue is like my scale issue. My mom always had a doctor's scale in our main bathroom. I used to be a slave to it in high school and college. I haven't owned a scale in 20 years and don't plan on buying one again. Ever!