Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Now Back To Matters At Hand

The letter is winging it's way to the Chief of Police so that whole thing is a done deal.  I'm tired of even thinking about that house. I'm going to do some more boarding up and some more packing up this week and it's gonna be kinda hellish.  So what's the best way to deal with that? Why sewing, of course. I read that Vogue patterns are going to be on sale at Joann's this weekend, so I'm planning on heading up there and picking some up (which you already knew, right?)  And I've cut out the muslin for the trench coat and I'm going to sew that up tonight. Mick's going to help me put a shelf in the sewing room over the washing machine so that I have a tidier hookup. And the best thing is that I may actually be getting together with real live sewing type folks this weekend.  We were thinking my house, but I think there may be too many of us to fit in my living room.  Maybe not, I'll just have to get Mick to take all the furniture out and bring in long tables, extension cords, ironing boards, garment steamer and chairs.  I think I may have to make him a pie or something to get him to do all of this.  It's kinda still up in the air but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  Regardless, I'm super excited and I can't wait to have sewing time with my sewing sisters.  YAY!!!  

When I get the muslin sewn, I'll get Mick to take my picture.  I know I'm going to have to do some altering but because this is a McCall plus size pattern, it might not be as bad as I think.  I tend to do well with McCall, well I guess they all work just fine once I make a million and one half changes.  And I was thinking about making that dress from the Burda Plus for the sew along on pattern review as well.  I'm loathe to start too many things at once, that is my downfall.  I cut out that high waisted McCall pencil skirt a while ago and it's just sitting on the sewing table.  My leather purse is just a weird looking half finished pouch.  I never have finished Mick's ArcTeryx-style shirt, and I have one more curtain to make for the sewing room, never mind the rest of the house.  I, like Carolyn, despise home dec sewing, ugh!  My sofa needs a slipcover but I just can't be bothered with that.  I could use new shades in a couple of rooms but I'd rather go to the dentist (seriously).  So my house may be looking a little worn but I'll be looking fierce!(hopefully)


Julie said...

I hope the letter helps resolve some the things you had to deal with. My thoughts are with you.

Nothing lifts the spirits like a great pattern sale!

Kat said...

LOL! I loathe home dec sewing too.