Friday, April 18, 2008

McCalls, Um Nope

Well the new Mccall patterns for summer came out the other day and I am happy to report that I won't hardly be adding a thing to my stash. You notice I said "hardly". While I thought most of the patterns lacked style and were too youthful for anyone but my 14 year old neighbor, I did like a couple. No, no I take that back, if they weren't too youthful, they were frumpy and dowdy. Yeah, sorry nope, not buying it, not making it, not wearing it. In fact if someone made up some of these aforementioned frumpy garments precisely to fit my body in my colors, I still wouldn't have it. Sorry McCall's this was a big fat miss as far as I'm concerned. I know there are others who may feel differently about this line but its just not hitting it for me.

I do, however, really like these two patterns.
I would make view B of the dress (were I to have an occasion) and I would do some fancy beadwork on the neckband. It's just asking, no begging for embellishment.

Now this top is just a great all purpose tee. I thought of making this with a lovely silk charmeuse. I really love this one, it's a classic.

Thanks McCalls for not adding to my stash (that much).


stacysews said...

I missed that top pattern - I really like it! I picked out 4 patterns that I think I'll pick up. I went to Joann's yesterday, but they didn't have the new ones out yet. Drat!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

You know I just don't have much love for McCalls patterns and had the same thoughts that you did on this offering. I like the top pattern too but can I ask a question? Did you notice the buttons down the back? How easy is that top going to be to get on? I mean at least you have 2 extra hands to help you but I have even though I love the photos...its a no go!

Kat said...

I do like that first pattern you picked out! Yes, that neckline is begging for embellishing.