Sunday, April 06, 2008

Finally, Sewing Buddies!

What a great day.  Finally, I got some sewing done and I wasn't stuck in the basement, by myself feeling lonely.  The universe stepped in a gave me just what I wanted (no I'm not the Mega Millions winner, although that ticket was purchased down the street from me, damn!).  I decided I wanted some "in person" people to sew with and today the stars aligned and we actually were able to get together.  It was only three of us Lynelle from PR and ES from around the way. Turns out we all live really near each other and we thought "hey, why not".  I volunteered my house  and we got down to business.  I finally got the muslin of my trench coat sewn and I think I've made the necessary corrections with the help of people who could see the drag lines and such. Lynelle got to the try on point with her shirt and got her fit issues worked out and ES practically finished her jacket.  We're arranging to have more sewing days together since we're all so close and possibly a bigger space since my living room is a little tight.  It was such a pleasure to have company and to have someone who understands that love of sewing, especially garment sewing.  We laughed and talked and swore at our sewing machines when needed.  It was great fun, I can hardly wait for the next time.  Thank you ladies, you totally rock!!

Oh yeah, Carolyn, O.K. I'll withhold judgement on the Anna Sui until I see your version (you've gotta make it, if only to prove us wrong ;~).  I trust you to rock it out.  And you inspired me to pick this up at the Vogue sale. You've got good taste girl!

Also, I've been tagged by Michelle. Hmm, seven random things. Well I'll have to think about that one. Random, hmm... seven, hmm...


Mary Beth said...

I'm glad you've had a stitcher's circle, always good for the spirits.

I've tagged you for the Excellent Blog Award. I can guess that you've been too busy to surf much lately.

So, Here Ya Go, Excellent Blogger!

hugs from the stitchery

Chole said...

Hi there! I came across your blog today and once I saw that you lived down the street from where the winning lottery ticket was sold, I just HAD to find out if it was Redford like I thought! I'm in Farmington Hills :)

Lynnelle said...

Hi Melody! It's Lynnelle. I had to read your post. Smashing time sewing with you on Sunday. We have to do this again, soon! ES got the room at the Lib. We're good for 3 May!! seems appropriate for me to say this message will self-destruct in five minutes. =)


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Melody - it is in my "sphere" of spring/summer sewing...cause you know I'm not making a list...but I love the bones of this pattern...I just have to find the right fabric! If you come across anything, give me a holla!