Saturday, March 08, 2008

No Sewing Today

I have to do inventory. I waited and waited and now, I can wait no longer. I gotta get it done. Once I do, I'll be free to sew once again.

On the sewing tip, I'm thinking of making two major purchases. All of you who read this, thanks for reading and giving me input. Now I need to know what you think about this (of course, you know Mick is going to have the last word, real subtle like "You're grown, you know if we can afford it or not" which means I won't get it).

I was reading Gigi's post the other day about her TacSew blind hemmer and how useful she finds it. I am familiar with the machine because the store where I used to work (Sandy's) carries that machine. I've never played on it or tested it out because I didn't know how to use it. I could only imagine having one if you had a business that you needed to do blind hems all day long, like say custom draperies. Gigi made a very good point about the neckline blind hemming with elastic. I could see myself using that frequently. I'll have to check at the store the next time I go and maybe let the price decide for me. I would need Brandy to teach me how to use it (maybe, maybe not) and I've purchased all my machines from them and I know them very well, so there is already trust built in.

The other thing I was thinking about is less of an "if" and more of a "when". I need a better dress form. Currently I have a paper tape double which is fine but it's getting a little long in the tooth, lets just say, I appear to be aging better than her. She's kinda caved in and I certainly am not. I had a duct tape double stuffed with fiberfill but she exploded and I didn't really like the result anyhow (aside from the explosion). Now I'm thinking I'm gonna get one of those my twin dress forms. I'm sure Mick and I could put this together easily enough. I really need a dress form. I have such an odd body shape that absolutely no pattern will fit and this may make life a little easier when doing the pattern alterations I need to do. The reason I thought about going this route instead of the paper tape form again is that I need a stand (I can't fathom how to make one myself), it's pinnable, and it seems that it'll last longer. I've seen reviews and discussions of it on Pattern Review and people seem to really like it.

Well what should I do???? I love sewing machines but I also love clothes that fit.


Anonymous said...

Hi Melody.
My very practical opinion would be to go with the dressform. You can make do with the other forms of hemming.
Besides which, you and Mick will have fun building the MyTwin.

artist1lisa said...

Hi Melody.The dressform(MyTwin) is the way to go.I really enjoy using mine.It is a good investment.

Vivienne said...

Get the dummy. You can blind hem on your regular machine (trust me, I've even figured it out!).

Linda said...

I think you have received some good advice, get a dress form. Having said that, I have coveted that blindstitch machine forever. I do make do with blindstitch on my sewing machine. Sometimes reducing the needle tension makes the the blindstitch perfect.

Also there are a couple of other dress forms to look at that you can add foam to to replicate your shape. Though the My Twin seems to be the best replication.