Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Vogues *GASP*

Well, it's too early for me to be in the sewing room just yet and I won't drink my coffee in there anyway so what to do, what to do...OH the new Vogue patterns are up! (evil laugh)
Actually I like a few of them  but what will I be purchasing?  I've decided in recent weeks that I buy far too many patterns.  I'm going to try to purchase only what I will seriously consider adding to my wardrobe.  With that said, I have a fantasy wardrobe as well, for all the balls, awards ceremonies and board meetings I have to attend (in my mind) I need something to wear, right?
First for the ones I'll actually add to my wardrobe:

This dress is divine, I love the back interest and I can work an A-line dress. From what I've read, there are going to be a number of us rocking this little number for summer.

This dress is just up my alley as well. It looks like something I would wear right now, if I had it I would wear it tonight. Oh, the sewing queue is getting longer and longer.

These, well they're part of the fantasy collection. While I really love those vintage dresses, they tend to make me look, um, matronly. No one wants to look matronly (even matrons).  I didn't spend two hours plucking my eyebrows to ruin it with a cute dress that doesn't look good on me.  I think Sharon and Julie both would really love the new vintage patterns.  Julie may actually make one one day but I'll bet money that she won't be showing it off, no matter how many times I corner her with camera in hand.   And Sharon may try to talk me into making one for her (HA!).  And the evening gown, well that's for when Mick finally picks up that Grammy award that they keep forgetting to tell him about. I'd style it a little differently, and I'm sure I'd use fabric that was a bit more opaque, that visible seam really bothers me.

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a fool for Issey Miyake ever since I bought my first Miyake pattern when I was 15 and asked my mom to make it for me.  She said she thought it should be called "it's a mistake" instead and refused.  I think I've only made a couple of Miyake patterns because mostly they're suited for a different body shape but Oh, how I love them.  I think I have almost all of the Vogue Miyake patterns.  While these new ones are a little different (Mr. Miyake stepped down a few years ago) the flavor is the same, very Japanese, very origami-like, and totally weird.  I may or may not make this (I fear my brother in law will mock me) but I'm definitely adding it to my collection.

Oh and I have to add, Anna Sui, as one Motor City gal to another, will you stop smoking dope and make something cute, for crying out loud!  


Now it's time for me to get back to sewing patterns I bought in what, December, Oh dear lord!


Debbie Cook said...

OMG your entire post had me laughing! I wish you and I were closer geographically. I have a feeling we'd be great sewing buddies. I have days like you wrote about too. It just comes with being human, I think. Come down to Florida for a dose of sunshine therapy. By August, you'll be ready for a nice cozy, dark winter. LOL!

Berry said...

Talking about Issey Miyake, I like the style though it's often not flattering. I hope it wasn't a mistake I just started my first pattern from him. You probably have it, it's V2556, the skirt version ;o)

Oh and that 1st dress is gorgeous, I also like the back's detail!

Mary Beth said...

LOL! Poor Anna...

Berry said...

Hihihi! The skirt is done (but I switched the colors), I just need to remove the threads, sew a quick top before I post the pics ;o) I love it! One question though, how do you insert the twill tape without it showing on the right side of the skirt? You can answer on lesenviesdeberry (at) gmail (dot) com if it's more convenient.

Marji said...

I'm so glad to hear someone say out loud that they think that Anna Sui is hideous too.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! But look at the bones of that Anna Sui ~ the one with the sleeves! That pattern is NOT that bad! I think I'm gonna have to make this one up when it arrives in my mailbox to prove everyone wrong...that dress has legs y'all!