Friday, March 07, 2008

KS 3155 Pant

I love this pant pattern.  I have so far made 3 pair of pants from it and here's the fourth.

I got this fabric from JoAnn's, it's their Ponte knit. It's pretty nice, very soft and drapey. It perfectly matches my coat and my purse, so now, I look rather "put together". I didn't like the flair in the leg any longer, it seems a little dated so I attempted to reduce the flair but I think I could have reduced it even further. I plan on making the next pair in the Ponte di Roma from FF. We'll see, maybe I'll make them tomorrow.


Keely said...

Very nice. I have this pattern but I haven't done anything with it yet. I'll have to pull it out and have another look at it.

marty said...

Those are really nice pants. Do they have an elastic waist? Also, have you thought about purchasing pattern making software? That's next on my "to buy" list.