Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Decisions Made, Questions Answered

First, Thanks to all who responded with their opinions about me buying the TacSew or the My Twin and concerning the coat possiblity. It was very helpful to know what others think regarding those things. I've decided to get the My Twin dressform and get Brandy (my sewing machine dealer) to show me how to do the blind hem on my machine so that it looks as good as Gigi's example. I can't get the My Twin for a while because I just bought a new Vita-Mix to replace my old one (which I bought in 1983, it finally broke), so I'll be using the paper tape one for the next few months.

Regarding the trenchcoat, I've decided on the McCall's pattern because I like the Burberry version. The McCall's pattern is really similar to this and I already have it, in the correct size BONUS!!

The only question that I got was from Marty regarding the Kwik Sew pants pattern 3155. They are elastic waist pants. Really super comfortable.

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Kat said...

Wow! I didn't know Vita Mix blenders stop working LOL ;) . Those are great machines, though, and I couldn't imagine not having one myself. In fact, I like it *almost* as much as my sewing machine. Nice to know yours made it to the 25 year mark.