Friday, March 28, 2008

A Case Of Michiganitis

So yesterday, everybody was in a crappy mood.  My dog got really mad cause it was raining and she didn't go for a walk.  The dog next door jumped the fence and walked straight into my house and my dog HATES her, my cat beat up on both dogs.  Mick got stuck in a two hour traffic jam on the way to work (20 minute drive normally) and it just kept raining and raining and then it turned to snow and it snowed and snowed.  I think we got about another 4 inches of snow last night.  Then this morning the sun was shining and the snow melted and so did my funky mood.  I feel much better. MaryBeth, you're totally right, I'm just missing my friend, the sun.  But I tell you what every week it snows like crazy and then it all melts, it's just so annoying.  But as long as it's just seasonal affective disorder, well then I can handle it. Those of you who are stuck at home alone doing the same thing as me (nothing) call me.  I'm always here and I love to chat, ask anybody.

And yes anonymous (Sharon) you're right but you're not so bad off yourself with your exciting new career, new city.  Nothing but possibilities ahead.  Man those complaint free bracelets can't come a moment too soon for us, huh??

Anyway, now that I seem to be over that stupid hurdle of the mean reds, I'm ready to sew.  I will promptly be heading into the sewing room, not to emerge until I have a preliminary muslin cut out.  WOOHOO!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I was just complaining because it's "only" 60 degrees here today. Yours is the second blog I've read today which talks about snow, so I suppose I should stop complaining. :)

I think SAD affects animals, too. And our moods affect them, etc. etc. Yeah, I'll be happy when spring is here to stay for a while.