Friday, February 01, 2008

Lucy's Snow Day

So we got a bit of snow last night and Lucy is as happy as a clam to be out in it with her bud.

I, of course, was smart and stayed in the house to film this. I'm simply poking my head out the back window.

Since it is snowing and I've lost my assistants for the day, I'll be finishing up the tiny bit of work that I actually can do today and then I'm going to fix the giant goof I made on my coat. I might post a picture of it later, because I'm certain that I'm not the only one this has happened to at this part of the process, it's just that it's rather embarrassing. I can tell you this, I was only able to see where I went wrong with the help of two blogs, Couture et Tricot which is filled with amazing work and the how tos and wherefores to get there. She just recently listed a bunch of source materials that she uses and I checked one of them (the Fashion Incubator) which totally showed me the error of my ways. Needless to say, at this point the coat looks so ridiculous Mick asked me if it was my "avant garde, anti-fashion statement" about how I felt "bound" by societal norms; yeah, he's a regular laugh riot.  Anyway, I need to get to unsewing on that and I'm absolutely smitten with this dress and I totally want to make it. I felt schlubby in NYC and I don't much like feeling schlubby. I can't very well be a schlubby fashionista, it's an oxymoron. I'm thinking about using this new fabric that just came in. Oooh, or maybe this fabric, with the stripes going up and down, whadya think???  I'll have to decide soon, I want to make this like yesterday.  Very cute, very cute indeed. Hmm...


Sharon said...

Use the second fabric.

Melody said...

O.K.Sharon, you know now I want to use the first fabric!! It's like that trip to Whole Foods all over again, "It's my cart", "No, it's mine".

However this will go well with my messed up coat.

Anonymous said...

The girls loved the Lucy video. Little B kept going
"Awwww" through the whole thing.

Micky's comment about your coat is one that only an art student would say. I adore him!

I would choose the first fabric. Too cute! But you know my strange attraction to circles. So there you go.

Cute dress pattern as well. What company is it from?

I'll call you tomorrow. We have been doing a bunch of stuff and have to go to C&Y's today for a birthday party.

Love you.

Anonymous said...

Hi sweetie,
loved the video of lucy and mick! made me a bit homesick!
I think you should use fabric #1. I love the design and the color is fab on you.
I think Proj Run is back on this wednesday. Ill get a bottle of wine in prep for our "Ricky" game.

Amy said...

Melody, use fabric #1, that would be too cool. I also love that dress and am planning to sew it up soon.

Mary Beth said...

Yeah, Melody, that first fabric is you totally, but there's so much fabric (and the fabric's design) volume in the dress the second fabric or even a different one with a larger graphic like the model is wearing might be better visually. What do you think?

Audrey said...

Lucy is a cutie, wish I had some of her energy. I enjoyed looking at your snow, but have no desire to have it in my back yard. I love both fabrics but the first one would be my choice.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I like the stripe fabric going up and down ~ if it still matters at this point!

artist1lisa said...

Wow! I like both fabrics.Make two dresses.