Sunday, January 06, 2008

Starting Off Right

I got out a bunch of patterns from last year and this year (I got a few of the new Mccall's at the latest Joann's sale on January 1) that I want to make for my transitional and spring wardrobe.  While I don't want to jinx my success, I will say that I have picked a bunch of things that maybe on second thought won't make the cut (so to speak).  I am almost finished with my coat.  I just need to hem the bottom and bind the sleeves and create buttonholes and sew on buttons but I need to do some hand sewing to finish.
I'm right now sewing hair canvas to the underlining of the hem of the coat so that it hangs nicely and has some stability.  I loved it when I got this month's Threads Magazine, it's like it was written especially for me.  All couture details, hand stitches and underlining.  I think that was their goal, get Melody.  Well they got me alright, I don't know if many of you have seen the new
Mccall's pencil skirt pattern.  Even my brother liked it, he said it was elegant.  I want to make that with some of the couture details like the hand picked zipper.  I had a skirt like that when I was in college that was red wool with the couture details and the hand picked zipper, I was so proud of that skirt.  I wore it all the time.  Now I have some great black wool that will look fabulous as that skirt and it'll go with every top I put with it.  I want to finish the coat just so I can get started on the skirt (and plus I want to make a little newsboy cap to go with my new coat).  So I've got a lot of sewing to do and I'm making progress.  I may finish the coat today but probably not until tomorrow.  Then the skirt, then the hat, then a longer coat to wear to NYC. Oooh and I'm absolutely fascinated by the convertible dress. I just have to have it. 

And aside from the last cigarette I had on Jan 1 (which got wet and broke two seconds into it) I haven't smoked a cigarette at all.  YAY!!!


Sew Shy said...

Your coat is going to be smokin' when it's done. I loooove your fabric!

Sew Shy said...

Oops! just read the last lines of your post - maybe "smokin'" was the wrong choice of word for me to use... sorry!