Monday, January 21, 2008

See, That's Why It's Called "Crazed Sewer"

I hate that I'm such a slow sewer.  No, not a slow running drain, but a person who sews ever so slowly.  I feel like I'm never going to finish.  I'm currently hemming my coat and the sleeves, which after that just leaves buttons and buttonholes.  I got the steamer, I need a dummy but luckily Mickey was so sweet and realized my frustration and agreed to be my sewing dummy for the hem.  He's a good sport, although miserable looking, dontcha think?
Anyway, I hate finishing.  If I could just have someone come over and do the rest of it, I'd be pleased, but on the other hand, I'd hate that I didn't accomplish the finished product, and I'm sorry but I like to be able to show off.  Yes, I said it, I like to show off.  Hell, that's what sewing is all about, the art of self embellishment.  

Just this morning I was talking to Sheryl, she was telling me all about Con-Fusion and I told her she was "geeky" well she was a good sport about it and went on to tell me that it was cool because she could do her other 'geeky' hobby, sewing.  SEWING!!! Whadya mean, that's not geeky!  She said it was, Mick agreed, my brother agreed and her husband Randy agreed.  She didn't understand why I couldn't see it.  Although her "convention" thingy sounded just like a big sewing expo but for science fiction and the like.  She said it was exactly the same but only with dudes and parties.  So I ask you dear sewing readers, are you geeks???  Am I???

As if to answer my own question, I spent the weekend working out my SWAP (I mean, really, it's too damned cold to do anything that includes fresh air) and here's what I came up with

These are the fabrics that I've chosen to work with. All are from Fashionista Fabrics because of course!! These are the patterns I'm planning on using. This may change, because of the new Vogues that just came out but I'm pretty happy with the looks.

This last picture is of a Burda World of Fashion pattern from September. It's a really cute plus sized sweater top. I was thinking I would use this silver grey sweater knit from my stash but now maybe I'll use the chartreuse interlock that's just sooo cozy. Which should I use? Or should I do both? What do you think of the color combinations? I like it, I dunno. This is what my problem is, I want to move on to the other stuff before I finish the stuff I'm working on. What's wrong with me????

Anyway, I really do have to finish that coat because it is supa cold and I need it if I'm going to step outside (without looking like a jerk, in my stupid men's parka).  Isn't it ironic that the thing that makes me so girly (my boobs) is also the reason I have to buy menswear coats and sweatshirts.  What do those women who purchase boobs do, they don't look like they're wearing menswear, hmm?

Oh, Lisa,  I love the steamer, I don't really iron anything anyway so I can't speak on that.  I just know that when I used to work at Gantos (local clothing boutique) we used one to steam the new clothes before they hit the showroom floor.  So part of why those store clothes look good at all is because of a steamer.  I think it's really important in sewing, I've already used it instead of the iron and I had no issues of pressing down the fluff of the wool or (yikes) burning it.  I'm a believer, and a bad ironer.


Anonymous said...

Definatly a Geek.

Now go get to that sewing.

Cathy said...

Melody, honey, we are geeks. Just bask in the geekiness. Unlike sci-fi, sewing is productive, usually.

artist1lisa said...

Yes,Melody,I am a geek and I'm proud. My qualification are: sewing,knitting,reading and yes, Sci-fi conventions.
I'm going to have to buy a steamer it sounds like a good thing.Thank you.

Sharon said...

Mickey really loves your a (u know). The next time you give him crap, I'm going to have his back (kind of like always if you think about it). Anyway... he's pretty.

And what is a geek? If sewing is geeky then I guess knitting is too. Was that crochet class a geek thing? WHATEVER!! If sewing is being a geek then it really serves you guys well because Erica B is magazine chic...pretty fly!!

Oh...I heard someone talking about quilts and fabrics while in Detroit so I gave them you site.

Happy B-day Mickey!!!

causticmuse said...

Er...well...I am a geek on many fronts (I like fantasy/sci-fi, did math competitions in high school, make video games for a living, read a lot, am semi-permanently attached to a computer for 80% of my waking hours, make spreadsheets for everything, etc.) AND I've been sewing ever since I taught myself how to use my mother's Kenmore when I was 13 or so.

Part of being a geek is enjoying learning new skills, knowing how things work, and finding ways to improve them or make them more creative. It doesn't matter if it's computers, electronics, science, writing, cooking, gardening, AND sewing, in my opinion. Any time a person with OCD tendencies clicks with a hobby or subject that just fires up their enthusiasm to learn and create, another geek is born.

And I've sewn my own Star Trek uniform before in the past, which definitely counts as geeky no matter how you look at it.