Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Jiffy Steamer

So last week, I was messing around with the hem on my coat and it wasn't working out, it kinda looked like a ducks bill in the back.  I needed to steam it but I have a really old, broken iron (it belonged to Micks late mother) and it just recently cracked) and I didn't feel like dripping hot water everywhere.  I checked some information online and decided to get the Jiffy 2000 steamer.  It came today and boy do I love that thing.  I'll probably have my coat hemmed this evening and I'm moving on to all kinds of other things.  I've got my plan worked out for my wardrobe and I'm moving along swimmingly.  The SWAP always motivates me, even though I'm not participating officially.  I just think it's such a cool thing that Julie (from Timmel Fabrics) does and I love how it gets people going and seriously thinking about their wardrobe and sewing.  It reminds me of shopping for back to school clothes when I was a kid or when my mom would make my Easter outfit.  It was a whole big deal.  I got to sit at the pattern table with her and pick out which dress I wanted.  I remember when I got to switch from little kid clothes to grown-up clothes, oh what joy!!  I still feel that kind of excitement when looking at the new patterns.  And speaking of which the new Vogue patterns are up for Spring.  I like a bunch of them, I may have to amend my plan.  I see a couple that may just be the most necessary dress in the world.  This is one of them, I flippin' love this dress. Look for me in this in April. Yup, April.

I think I'll make it from this fabric
Oooh!  I can make a slammin' belt to go with it too.  O.K. I have to get back to hemming my coat.


artist1lisa said...

What a lovely dress.You have great taste as usual.I've been curious about steamers.Is it better or faster than an iron? What are the benefits?

Meggy said...

Oh yes, perfect choice, that dress is absolutely gorgeous and stylish and the fabric as wow.... can't wait to see it finished on you.