Sunday, January 27, 2008

Aesthetically Energized

I just got back from a fabric buying trip and I was lucky enough to be accompanied this time by my main man, Mick.  He is a fan of art museums (former art school kid) and I am not (former museum employee).  For the last several years I've resisted going to any museum because it brought back memories of intensely unpleasant experiences and plus the Detroit museum (where I used to work) was undergoing a major reconstruction.  And coincidentally each time the two of us had been in NYC, MoMA was also undergoing a major reconstruction.  I was pretty museum free for a good long while.  Well, Mickey wasn't having it any more.  He said he wanted to go to MoMA and I said I'd go, grudgingly.  First I can't really remember the old space but the new space is quite nice and conducive to a good museum experience (big white box rooms).  Then I actually started looking at the art and it was as if a bunch of old friends came out and said "hi"  I actually got so carried away by it all, I left Mick and Lou somewhere so I could do more exploring.  I felt immediately engergized and I really value the experience.  I may just have to go into further detail about the whole thing, I feel rather transformed.

I also discovered some super cool bead stores and I got a nice haul of beads. See, I'm kinda digging on the jasper and I've been a fan of cloisonne since back in the day.  I'm going to have to live with them for a while and see what they want to be.

I got a wonderful selection of silks for Fashionista Fabrics and I'll be putting them up in the coming week. Now I'm off to bed. I stayed up listening to Mick and Lou play chess until 2 am and we had to get up at 7 am to catch our flight out. I'm a little tired and we have no food in the house, which means I've got to go grocery shopping tomorrow and loads of laundry await. Wow, we get back to normal awfully quickly.

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