Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Salt Dough Redemption

Well, Mickey's come around. Only because I got all pissed off and went over to Sheryl's for the afternoon. By the time I got back Mick had listened to my "Positive Thinking" meditation cd and was being really contrite. He asked if I wanted to go get a Christmas tree but it was raining buckets. I suggested that instead we make salt dough ornaments and have some pie and ice cream. I swear, there's nothing like pie to tame the beast. He was totally down with it. We actually had a really fun time. He made a Rico, Libby the Cat, and airplane ornaments. I made a dog bone and some napkin rings and buttons (for my coat) and a large bowl. They're baking right now and Mick's gone to his favorite place, the record store. So after the initial upset he realized it's probably best to shut the hell up and chill the hell out. And it was a lovely evening.

Hey Anonymous, make him some pie and tell him to get some damned christmas cheer or you'll kick him.

Ooh, I have dough left over to make more fun stuff after I go to my friend's cake and candy supply store and get some more cookie cutters. She has every cookie cutter on the planet and more sugar than you can shake a stick at.

1 comment:

Stef said...


You're the best! Of course Mickey came around - how could he resist salt dough ornaments and pie?

I'm sending all of my positive thoughts to your soaked machinery!

Let's definitely plan to get together after the holidays are over. I'll email you soon!