Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mickey's Name Day

Today is Mick's Name Day. He is of Hungarian descent and the Hungarian tradition of nameday's is apparently a huge deal. Plus today's name is Miklos which is Nicholas, so today is St. Nicholas day, or Santa Claus day. Hungarian children used to get shoes full of candy (they might still, I just don't know) I'm attempting to make it a huge deal here for Mick. I made him two new pair of boxer shorts, (three if I put the hem in the last pair, they have black cats on them and our black cat is behaving poorly today). And I bought him the current issue of Rolling Stone (led zeppelin's on the cover).

I'm making goulash for dinner and I bought him a plane ticket to go to NYC in January for his birthday (he never gets to go, so it'll be a treat for him to catch up with his brother and other friends, plus the ticket cost like 28 bucks). The whole of winter is Mickey time of year. Oh, I put a bunch of Kit Kats and Butterfingers in his hiking boots ;)

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christina said...

I love goulash! My maternal side of the family is German but they lived in Hungary for many generations.