Sunday, December 09, 2007

Coat Progress

I want to make a little newsboy cap to go with it and that fabulous Daily News Bag by The Sewing Workshop. It's coming together nicely and I'm glad that I did the collar by hand, I don't think it would have looked as good done my machine. But I really don't know, I always do my collars by hand. I actually really enjoy padstitching. In fact, I enjoy it so much that I hate covering it up with the facing piece. That's why some things never, ever get finished. I'm learning to get the hell over myself and just finish the danged garment. I'll try to work on it today, because I want to wear this next week. Plus, now that I'm going to New York in January, I need to make another long coat. The last time I went in January (and it wasn't unseasonably warm) I got frostbite on my INNER THIGHS (well not quite frost bite, but still...)

The last few days have been so disjunct. My brother has been kind of staying with us because he has no where else to go but I won't let him get all crazy drunk so he leaves for the day and then comes back at night crazy drunk. Boy is that fun, I get to babysit my grown ass brother while he rants about how he's not drunk at all. I know that he can get over this and I won't abandon him, but I do have to demand that he respect my home and the people/animals in it. He's sleeping right now, how much do you want to bet, he'll get up and say he didn't sleep at all and oh yeah, can I get a beer. It's all good though, I know that he'll deal with this soon. I think he just needed a non-judgmental, safe place to think and re-evaluate his life. He's not just a regular alcoholic, he's got some significant issues that he's been dealing with for quite some years and it is my hope that we can find him help and he'll take it. So far, he's not interested in rehab, but he's been really kind and rather thoughtful, for him. We'll see. He did hang my favorite painting over my desk for me.

He painted this over twenty years ago and he's really amazingly talented. Zemco was this great fabric store in downtown Detroit. I heard that it was recently re-opened but in a different location by a different owner. I'll always love this image.


kasizzle said...

Hang in there. I was in a similar situation last year with my brother. We finally got him to rehab and he's about 8 months with out drugs. Just love him and support him.

Nancy (nanflan) said...

Best of luck with your brother. You already know it won't be easy, but bless you for trying.

I love the painting, BTW. What a great streetscape and it's cool that he put the fabric store in it. He is very talented. Perhaps his art can be part of his recovery.

Anonymous said...

I am crazy about this painting. I didn't live in Detroit but it looks a lot like a section of Brooklyn where I spent a summer with relatives as a girl. I made it my desktop wallpaper and while I mostly do alterations for myself - my husband calls it Remanufacturing - it inspires me to sew a little everyday. What a wonderful painter your brother is!
All the very best to him.