Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Super Secret Project

The Finished Quilt

Pre-quilting and binding.

I finally finished. It's the signature quilt we started 2 years ago for my friend Jennifer who moved to Minnesota. We sent these blocks all over Michigan and around the world. It was a total collaborative effort and a very happy project. I wasn't that confident about my ability to pull it off because I'm not so good at the machine quilting on straight lines but I like doing the meandering quilting, and it's not perfect but it's made with a bunch of love. I really enjoyed doing it though, because I kept thinking about Jen and all the fun we've had over the years. Jennifer just called me a couple of minutes ago, in tears, she had no idea. I'm very proud of our ability as a group to keep a secret. And I'm really glad that she finally has it. We didn't want her to move but since she did, we wanted her to know that we're all right there with her. Dos and Caroline (who delivered the quilt) were taking a bunch of pictures of Jennifer with it and as soon as Dos gets back, I'll post a picture of Jen with her siggy quilt.

As promised Jen with quilt:


theresa said...

The quilt looks fantastic, Melody! Thank you for finishing it for our Jennifer. Can't wait to see the photos of her all wrapped up in it. Hey, did you put some stain sealer on it? -- you know, 'cause of the red wine ...

Melody said...

You know, I actually thought about that ;~D