Friday, November 02, 2007

New Burda World of Fashion

I just got the new copies of BWOF over at Fashionista Fabrics. It's got a couple of really cute coats, but I've already made up my coat mind. I really do like these pieces

I know I won't make the coat because I won't have any occasion to wear it. I will make the shirt and the hoodie thing. I love that, it looks so comfortable.

On another note, I finished the super secret thing I was working on and I'll post a picture this weekend.


Adrienne said...

That wrap shirt is a MUST for me!!!!!!

ambika said...

Ha, I just composed a post about the return of the neck ruff. This pattern would have been perfect for it.

Melody said...

I'm digging neck ruffs although I can't wear them. What, was I born in the wrong time or something?